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    Interesting. My first thought was that this wouldn't be allowed because you're not allowed to trade away consecutive first-round picks, and the fact that we were getting our own pick back wouldn't really matter. But on further reflection, maybe it's something the league office would allow.

    In this same vein: there's a lot to be said for losing our pick this year apart from its being a weak draft. As the situation stands right now, we can't trade any first round picks until 2020 (because the latest the pick could potentially go to OKC is 2018, we can't trade our 2019 pick either). That lack of trade flexibility is a bit of a liability.
    I believe they would.

    Golden State attempted to negotiate with Utah before the coin flip last year to ease the restrictions in their favour on the draft pick. Last year it was top 7 protected. If they had lost the flip with Toronto, Utah would have picked 8th and Toronto 7th. In the end, Utah wanted too much and Golden State had lady luck on their side anyways.


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      I agree both Philly and Detroit have to be held at bay. A win today against the Bucks is absolutely essential! My feeling is we'll need to be a first time playoff team sometime so it might as well be now.

      Still just the fact of competing for a spot would be a consolation in that we had such a brutal early schedule and took some very tough losses.

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        two points:

        1. I like Milwaukee roster; there is more talent than two guards. Whether they are better than our Raps remains to be seen. Theoretically, we need only one of their two best players to have a night off and a strong D from Lowry to stop the other one... and we're fine. We'll see very shortly how it plays out on the court. I like our chances today playing at home against a team who's coach has recently quit on them, especially taken into account our recent success.

        2. This year's draft may be weak... and the next one a lot stronger, but the real question is how picks 5-15 compare between these (or any other) two drafts, because that's where the Raps are likely to pick any way you look at it. 2014 may have 2-3 stars... but how strong will the other kids be? Point is, I'd rather see our team winning as many games as possible, just because it brings a smile on my face. Let the balls figure themselves out.

        going to watch the game; hope its a close one, which we win. go raps!


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          Can't express how disappointed i am with the Raps performance today. I wish every player on this team plays as hard as Amir and Ed.
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            It was pretty brutal when I saw them come out I was like dam Raps getting it going early, and with recent games when they played like this it was a certain win, maintaining defensive pressure and the bench being solid as always... the defense wasnt thaaat great but it was good enough that if the bench put together even half of their usual output rather than nothing at all it was a Raps win easy.

            Casey couldn't rest any of the starters and when Jose iced his ankle and came back in he stopped looking for his own shot, very peculiar game but o well they happen pack it up and go beat the Nets for the first time this season. I swear we better beat LAL lol....