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One of these things is not like the other (sing along)

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  • One of these things is not like the other (sing along)

    I'm not sure if this still counts as "everything raptors" but I was reading about the recent Heat struggles in the daily dime when I came across this line...
    "Most basketball minds would say this team is the best team, talent-wise, James has ever played on. He is likely playing along three Hall of Famers in Wade, Bosh and Ray Allen"

    Huh?! Did I miss something? The article was actually critical of the heat so it was interesting to see that they thought our old friend was on his way to Springfield. Strange.

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    If Bosh continues to rack up the all-star appearances and championship titles, it would be hard not to include him when his career is all said and done.

    If a 5-time all-star (with zero rings) like Chris Mullen can get in, I'm sure there's room for a 7-time all-star (with 1+ rings) in Bosh.


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      Bosh would have to have a terrible decline - both on and off court - and linger in the league for many years past his expiration date not to be a HoFer. He deserves it in my opinion.... first ballot too.


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        The Hall needs to be blown up.. and since it won't Bosh should get in. If you can compare a guy to any of the other guys that made it and if he's arguably as good then he should make it. Bosh is arguably as good as James Worthy was, in my opinion. Neither could lead a team on their own, but helped a team with superstars win a championship.

        Bosh has better stats and each has made 7 all-star appearances (Bosh is still playing).


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          In watching the game last night, I started thinking that maybe I have been a bit too hard on the Refs. I mean, James was getting hacked left and right and man handled and no calls were going his way. I was actually shocked to see that. Don't know if money was on them to lose or what (Sarcasm) but man they got no respect last night.