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Bosh Better Get Ready for the Recruitment Convention in Dallas

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  • Bosh Better Get Ready for the Recruitment Convention in Dallas

    Ugh .... if we were disgusted by the constant American disrespect with all the "Bosh is leaving Toronto" talk now, then let the rumours begin come All-Star weekend in Dallas when fellow players start their recruitment of this summer's biggest catches which of course includes Bosh.

    That's because this is more than just an All-Star weekend. This will be one big recruiting convention. At least behind the scenes. The full-court press will be applied to certain players. They'll be pulled aside, nudged, winked at, told how great they are and, above all, hear some serious sales pitches. And it won't be a shady character in sunglasses trying to seduce these players.

    The recruiting will come from other players. Fellow All-Stars, actually.

    With the biggest and most lucrative free-agent pool ever approaching this summer, don't think players won't discuss potential deals and dream matchups while in Dallas. Really: Wouldn't you love to be the miniature microphone on the locker room wall in the Eastern Conference dressing room, when Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, Joe Johnson and Chris Bosh -- all free to travel and sign elsewhere come July 1 -- gather for some informal chit-chat?

    Wade and Chris Bosh. Now this is a conversation that could last a few hours. Miami has cap room, a superstar and Michael Beasley. Wade will not-so-gently cite today's temperature in Miami and Toronto. Or if he really wants to be convincing, Wade could bring his championship ring to Dallas and polish it in front of Bosh. (Speaking of temperatures, that would be cold.) Bosh loves the cosmopolitan feel of Toronto, and the Raptors are jelling right now, but does that beat South Beach, a golf outing in February and the chance to be Wade's teammate?
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