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    special1 wrote: View Post
    Agreed -- you have to start somewhere.... I personally think the Draft (Vince Carter, Macgrady, Bosh) is the place to start. THEN you have to lock up your assests or trade them before they leave for nothing...... in our case our management let Macgrady and Bosh "string us along" and basically got nothing for them.

    This is ridiculous and a good team won't survive for long while making these mistakes.

    From here on out our management needs to lay out a plan (a la OKC and Utah)..... you offer a "fair" contract.... if the player says no or refuses to sign.... YOU TRADE THEM.... no ifs ands or doesnt matter who this player is.
    I agree with the strategy behind it. The idea of maximizing asset management is exactly why I am in favor of trading guys like Calderon, Anderson, Pietrus (vets on expiring contracts) at the deadline, and even exploring the option of trading Lowry (1.5 years left on excellent contract) over the next year.


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      Matt52 wrote: View Post
      you are right to be skeptical in my opinion. most of the ideas in this thread are not likely or possible.

      first of all the constant whining of keep Calderon is a continued bewilderment. raps are 1-16 vs plus.500 teams.

      jv, Ross have potential but most potential becomes average at best.... but the potential for more is there. C I the hardest position to fill and jv appears to be a starting C long term. Ross is the 3 and D I have dreamed of. he looks like a solid 6th man and if he can get a handle maybe starter.

      As for dd, ab returning lottery picks..... lol.... in 2014 lolx2. The raps would have to take on some horrible contracts for that to happen and even then unlikely. the right to swap picks would also be good and more likely IMO.

      2014 is not about just wiggins. a lot can change in 1.5 years but there are a number of solid sf in 14 draft.

      anything that can add picks is a good thing. I am not sure the raps have the assets to get t done. they certainly don't have the financial flexibility which is why I am ready for a new GM.

      btw I am super envious of what Cleveland has done.

      I read that somewhere too...I was surprised but then I realized that with Calderon putting his "stamp" on the team and offense over the course of this season I shouldnt have been

      Overall that's what I was thinking. IMO, I think that we should continue to try and move calderon and bargs (obviously i think DD should go to but thats not happening) and get picks in return.

      Im a little more optimistic with the guys we have though, Matt. I think that Lowry, ED, Ross and JV is a very serviceable lineup. If you let them mature and provide that go to wing scorer, we can be a good team in a few years.

      a package with calderon should be able to get us something valuable in return, even if it has bargnani in it. Getting rid of these two guys will change the culture of the team and the atmosphere in the lockeroom, I believe, for the better


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        Nilanka wrote: View Post
        I agree that winning trumps everything. But how do you start winning without good players? How do you get good players if your assets aren't desired in trades?

        The draft really is the best option right now.
        You need great players to win.

        You get there by some combination of drafting well, signing good and average players to great contracts (as in, cheap for the team and staggered well so that you have flexibility), maintaining cap space to acquire assets in trades from teams that are shedding them, and luck.

        So even if you can't attract the best players, instead of jumping the gun at the start of free agency to overpay Fields, being patient and waiting to sign the second tier guys to solid contracts that make them trade assets is the way to go. Even if you can't draft the best players, even accumulating enough young guys with potential helps. Even if you can't sign anyone, holding the cap space to absorb other people's players can help.

        There are many things to do. Stop overspending on mediocrity would be a great start.


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          special1 wrote: View Post
          I personally think this is a MYTH.. Look at the Blue Jays as an example from the early 90's and the raps from Vince Carter earlier days.....I firmly believe that "If you win - they will come." MOST players around the league have played here by now (as a visitor) and know that Toronto is an amazing city - one of the best in the world.

          Unfortunately, our management sucks right now....our team sucks right now....Why would someone come here to waste their career playing with a losing team????

          We cannot attract free agents BECAUSE our team sucks....plain and simple.
          Baseball will always be a poor example of this, because in baseball with no salary cap, the line is changed to "If you pay - they will come."

          Unfortunately Colangelo has taken this mantra to whole new level, drawing a bunch of bad players with the little big money we have left.
          your pal,