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    Oh really? What's wrong with shaking my head? Is there an alternate meaning to this? How is it different from "I disagree"?
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      Nilanka wrote: View Post
      I've written off Bargnani as having literally zero value to this team, hence the reason I'm more than willing to "gamble" on a 1st rounder even if it means taking on Thomas.

      I don't see any scenario where keeping Bargnani improves this team.

      Can't live in fear of busts.
      Trading Bargnani could create more issues then it eliminates. At this point it would be best if he came off the Bench, in the 6th man role.

      Now even if Andrea was to "buy in" like Lowry kinda does (some days good, some not), then Bargs should give a boost to the team's fortunes. Getting to the 9th place may be the best of both worlds. We clear out our 2013 1st Round pick (hopefully ~ 12 - 14th overall) - so as to not affect future trading - as well as giving the team a goal for next season .... making the play-offs.

      Now as far as Andrea is concerned, it seems pretty certain he'll be moved - even though I disagree with such an event. Raptors will still need a Starting PF, as I feel - and it seems Casey acknowledges this (by his rotations) - that Toronto will still need a Big who can start, and handle true Bigs.


      Ed is a good role player, but I think fans are allowing their dislike for AB to impact a proper perspective on Davis. Like last night, a large percentage of his made buckets are of the catch and shoot variety. Defenses have still not adjusted to his left-handed shot (or paid enough attention to him) - evident by how open he's been on a number of shots - but when they do (and it's happening more frequently of late), his Offensive efficiency will be affected.

      As to his defense, I continue to believe it's overstated as "top notch", or even reasonably good - Ed's Opponent PER (as PF) is 21.0 while Bargnani has sported an Opponent PER of 15.9 this season (2011-12 was 13.2). I realize one stat doesn't make a whole picture, but empirical evidence (including Casey's rotations with Ed - pre & post Jose starting) reinforces my belief in this perspective. One has to ask why doesn't Ed play more in the 4th Quarter, considering our Big resources are slim?

      As to AB, if his offensive struggles weren't so profound at the beginning of this season (Offense normally his strength), then his SIMPLE RATING (see 82games) would be pretty reasonable - and more in tune with last year, when he was #1 on the club.

      I also believe AB is better in one-on-one coverage - especially for true Bigs. And as far as Help Defense goes, Ed (while better) still lacks in that department. To me, Ed has not elevated himself enough, to justify a Starters' role. Injuries did that.

      In a related matter (relative to the Bigs), I have to say that Amir has impressed. And it shows, with him being #1 in Simple Rating (as per It's that effort of his that has minimized a negative differential for Points in the Paint, although missing 2 Bigs doesn't help.


      As to the 2nd half, I am an optimist. However, putting aside the protected Raptor list (IMO - Jonas & Ross), there are three guys that I would consider moving if the right opportunity comes along:

      1) Andrea Bargnani. I'm still curious to see him in the 6th man role, as his troubles (and Raptors) have been accentuated by focusing too much on him, along with grading him based on being the No. 1 pick. Mostly though - for fans - it seems to be his lack of "displayed" emotions that grate on the fan base. Even when he went down with the elbow injury there was nary a yell or look of pain on him. I guess that's why he graded off the charts, before being picked No. 1 - a fact that Smitch endorsed, even though he felt AB should've been handled better.

      I disagree with trading him (the return scares the hell out of me, and amnesty should be used on Kleiza), but I think fans & media have made his departure a cause celebre [thanks Matt]. Personally, I believe we are overstating his effect on the winning streak (I say it was less Lowry, more Jose), but whatever, he's pretty much gone. That being said, I wouldn't move him to get back someone performing like him, but with no potential. For me, his potential is just waiting for someone to exorcise that heart. People continue to talk 7 years, but I see only 5 and a bit (the bit being this season's start). Last season he was the best Raptor.

      2) Ed Davis. His value is high, and his Rookie contract is ideal for a potential Contender. A role - off the Bench - could be the right tonic for a team needing his talents to boost their play-off odds. As well, Ed can - if needed be - start some games, if the Opponent lacks true Bigs.

      [Edit] I have to wonder if Raptors couldn't exchange Ed (and other considerations), for a quality SF. Either one with good upside, or an established SF. Even one with a premium contract that has a couple years left.

      3) Kyle Lowry. I keep harping on this, but I'd move KL and do my damndest to resign Jose. And not because he's the guy for that day we become a Contender (gulp!), but because he's the guy who can shape the road that'll get us there.

      4) Kleiza. If he could be traded, I'd say yes. Otherwise .... amnesty him. Swallowing his contract wouldn't really impact MLSE. If fact, should LK get picked up, that 4.6 million hit might only be 2 or 3 million cost (at least how I understand the new CBA, and its' amnesty rules).


      All this being said, I do feel optimistic about this team. And contrary to some fan thoughts, I believe this is not a team I would blow up. We have potential stars in Jonas, and possibly Ross. Demar could continue to elevate his game, giving Raptors 3 shots at finding the elusive player we've been seeking.

      People keep harping on getting a Star, without exploring if we have one right under our noses.

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        ebrian wrote: View Post
        Oh really? What's wrong with shaking my head? Is there an alternate meaning to this? How is it different from "I disagree"?
        A long long time ago a poster was banned for not adhering to forum policy. Every sentence, comment, thought ended with the dreaded '***'. I believe the ghost of this former poster still lurks on the main page.


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          I just want a trade to happen... for the sake of having a trade happen. Losing is boring, but losing is less boring when you have some new faces doing the losing.

          Haha... haha... ha.... ha.. ive been a raptor fan too long...