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Lowry / Calderon A Fork In The Road

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    sleepz wrote: View Post
    I would make them both available.

    Calderon for sure as he's an expiring and his value can't be any higher than it is in a contract year.

    Lowry can be moved as well if they are able to draft a pg in the draft this year (T. Burke comes to mind) which would of course require them obtaining a draft pick.

    This team needs to be blown up with very few pieces retained (JV, ED, Amir, Ross (although I would trade him for a pick as well) or Derozan (harder to move based on his contract).

    Focus on drafting again and making picks count (I would take Drummond over Ross 10 times out of 10) and let the players improve organically until you have a real core of youth. Not what Colangelo tells the fans what a young core is, but a real group of young players with a ceiling to grow.
    I agree. At this point in time, neither is looking like an above average defender, pass-first PG-of-the-future.

    I had high hopes for Lowry, but he's proven to be an inconsistent, overrated disappointment with a bad attitude (Ford? Jack? Bayless?). His greatest value to the team is as a trade asset on a favourable contract. As long as BC can get as much in return as he paid for Lowry, I'd be totally fine seeing him traded... nothing ventured, nothing gained.

    I really like Calderon and would like to see him back next season, for a couple years as a backup/mentor. He should be traded though, from a purely asset-management perspective.

    Even if a star young PG can't be acquired this season (or in the offseason), I see several solid veteran stop-gap option available, who could fill the position (with or without Calderon on the roster) next season. Depending on the potential trade, one/multiple PGs could even be part of the return for Lowry/Calderon/Bargnani etc... I think of guys like Ridnour on Minnesota or even Blake/Duhon on the Lakers, as examples.
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      thead wrote: View Post
      The specific point I was attempting to make with that (I may not have communicated it right) was that if and when you decide on the PG it alters who fits better with this team in order to make a better team. I'm not interested in going over trades to get there it was more of a ... if you go with Lowry you need to target players that fill in the holes of his game and likewise with Calderon. The second point being, I actually don't know who is better for the team, Lowry or Jose, but a decision needs to occur before the trade deadline so that we are targeting the right assets...