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Chris Bosh says "I'm a Hall of Famer"

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    What I think Lark is saying - and I totally agree - is that the public is as much responsible for how they interpret his comments as he is for making them. You only see narcissism if you want to. He is only directly responsible for the things that come out of his mouth; how you interpret it is your responsibility. It's a fine line to draw.
    i get that. and if he said something like "i think i'm going to be a hall of fame player when my career is done"............ well, to be honest, i'd probably still ride him a bit...

    but, it's not an interpretation thing. he literally said that he is a hall of famer and has been for four years. i'm not interpreting a thing, i'm taking exactly what he said for it's face value. and when you make self-proclamations of your own greatness, that is narcissism.

    but enough with Bosh.... there are much more important Gay things to talk about.