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Wow, Butch Carter just slammed Casey on the radio

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  • Wow, Butch Carter just slammed Casey on the radio

    Was just listening on the way home from work and he was saying a big reason they're losing all these close games is because the players aren't being taught what to do. Cited the Miami game specifically, there was 35 seconds or whatever left, that means you ALWAYS go 2 for 1 but instead they waited around leaving ample time for Lebron to win it, which he did. Apparently they did that in a few games this year.

    Butch went on to say all players should know this kind of thing, the raps are always a deer in the headlights and can't close out the close games and that's on Casey.

    Personally, I'm inclined to agree. I've long said while I love Casey, he's got to bring in someone who's better with X's and O's for these kinds of things. He's a fantastic motivator and the teams grit speaks for itself but i think he needs to take a step back in a couple areas and have someone else focus on those kinds of things.

    He also made some interesting comments about Ross being a potential "beast" on both sides of the ball, but needs proper coaching. Then went on a bit about how the bigs are coached well but not so much the perimeter players.

    Very interesting.

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    Whatever think Casey isn't teaching them these things? Would Butch Carter do a better job? Butch had Oakley, Kevin Willis, Muggsy Bogues, Dell Curry....solid vets to help punch his message home.

    Butch Carter wants a job. He fucked up years ago going after his boss' job and being a total dickhead, and now nobody in the NBA wants to give him any kind of job. He's trying to show that he's smarter/better than somebody the only way he can.

    *I mean, maybe he was screaming for them to get 2 for 1 and the team ignored know, like Anderson ignoring him when he's screaming at him to close the gap on Kyrie Irving...there's only so much the coach actually controls, and it's impossible to tell how good a job he's doing without seeing the kind of work he puts into the team each day....Especially since there's no such thing as a coach that makes the right decision every time or can insure his team does...

    I think it was one of D. Smith's blogs a few days back where he pointed out late game collapses on the last play by San Antonio and another team, as they were exactly the kind of play Raps fans get angry at Casey that a coaching problem then? Is Pop not teaching his guys well enough? Like, seriously....

    Sorry, it was Doc and Spoelstra, not Pop

    "Just gonna throw this out there for no real reason to those who watched the end of the Celtics-Heat on Sunday afternoon.

    Anyone notice how, with about 90 seconds left and down two, the Heat blew an inbounds play and turned the ball over?

    And if you did, I’m pretty sure you stuck around to watch the Celtics, up one with 25.1 left, get forced into blowing their last timeout of regulation time because they couldn’t get the ball in, a timeout they could have really used when they had a possession with two seconds left in regulation and when they couldn’t call a timeout.

    Figure that’s on Doc and Spoelstra, right? They need to get better coaching there or practice out of bounds plays more often."
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      Interesting indeed and I tend to agree.

      I remember yelling at the TV twice lately, disagreeing with Casey's end-of-game strategy:
      1 - as mentioned, to go 2-for-1 in the Miami game
      2 - to full-court press against Cleveland, considering they were inbounding from their own baseline with 12 seconds left

      I'm surprised there aren't any NBA teams that have taken an NFL-style approach to coaching, with a head coach (motivator/leader) and offensive/defensive coordinators. I know they have various coaches, but I don't get the feeling that they have the same level of authority/responsibility as NFL coordinators.

      I thought Triano would have made a great O-Coordinator, with his X's and O's strategizing. Casey seems better suited to be a D-Coordinator, which was more or less his role with Dallas.


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        What show wsa this on. Can't disagree with what he's saying though, guys need to know when they are coming into the end games exactly what to do. I'mproving wing development is a good note too, I wonder if we could bring someone in the help. I suppose Gay and DD can help Ross though.

        Methinks Butch wants the job back.
        "Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival."



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          +1 to Butch wanting the job back.


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            I def agree butch is usually trolling for a job but at the same time he was correct.


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              Im not even sure why Butch gets any airtime...its not like hes a expert or anything, hes nothing more then a worthless sound bite.. hes not a good coach & thats evident by the # of NBA jobs hes had the last decade! he cant even get on TNT or NBA TV hes that bad. as for the DC stuff..i dont think hes completely to blame. coaching is like parenting, you can prepair the young ones all u want but sometimes all the preperation in the world cant make them execute on the floor. that comes with experiance, baptism by fire so to speak.. not everyone can handle pressure of late games & if they cant learn to over come that then they need to go


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                I do think we could use a bit better wing development, specifically with ballhandling. I think guys become better shooters on our team, but I can't think of a single guy who really improved his handle significantly. Demar has gotten much better, but that's only gotten him from horrible to average. Maybe we need a PG coach who can also work with all wings (or all players?) on some of those skills?


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                  white men can't jump wrote: View Post
                  I do think we could use a bit better wing development, specifically with ballhandling. I think guys become better shooters on our team, but I can't think of a single guy who really improved his handle significantly. Demar has gotten much better, but that's only gotten him from horrible to average. Maybe we need a PG coach who can also work with all wings (or all players?) on some of those skills?

                  He also worked with Kyrie Irving and Chris Paul on their ballhandling. If Demar and Ross could learn how to handle the ball, small ball with Rudy could be filth.


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                    Butch is doing fine financially. This idea he wants a job is a little far fetched if you know about all the success he's had running businesses. He goes on Bobcat's show because they are friends. Every other Raptors analysis has to play nice with the Raps to either keep their press pass, or because they are paid by the Raps. Butch has none of those hurdles. He did not completely trash Dwane but time management is something he has consistently noticed that the media had not brought up.

                    And he's right. Simple as that. I can think that AND believe that Dwane is a fine coach, however, being a defensive coordinator for so long has made him a bit rusty with player rotations, time management, and a few small things that can add up to unnecessary loses.

                    *LINK HERE*
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                      Butch is an idiot not on Casey it was on the players Fuck him hes in the past, why does anyone even seek his opinion? As Demar would say #Clown

                      push this guy one side.


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                        I agree with point that Casey has to take more responsibility for the close games we've lost. They couldn't inbound the ball in Philly. That is basic. Now that Jose is gone i am terrified about our free throw shooting. They should be doing that in practice. That is basic. Are they only working on defense in practice? It is obvious they are not working on offensive plays to run. Even a couple situations where Fields comes in at the end of the game after being frozen on the bench for nearly 3 quarters. It makes no sense. Casey's rotations need work. We don't keep the lead when we have it. Raptors are still chucking threes instead of trying to get to the line. Well I guess that part is just good ol' fashion Raptor basketball.

                        Casey is a good coach. The defense has improved, guys are responding. LOVE the way he put his $ where is mouth is and stood up for the guys. It can't overshadow the fact that his current style of substitutions/rotations & close game execution MUST improve if we are gonna make the playoffs.

                        I also agree NOTHING Butch Carter says matters.


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                          Second guessing is easy, Butch can do it, fans can do it.

                          It's always the close losses, where one coaching decision could of made the ultimate diffrence, one can say the same thing about a bounce, a missed basket, a blown call.

                          Butch Carter had his share of critics as well. It's true no one is perfect, not the refts, not the coaches, not the players, all are bound to make mistakes. Casey is learning on the job, there is no manual for HC in the NBA, does Casey have talent as coach? Yes. Will he evolve as a coach, I have seen him do just that before our eyes.

                          Is it possible that 3 years from now Casey will be a better coach, you bet. BTW, there has never been an ego like Butch's in the organziation, and we had Thomas here.

                          I think people need to chill out on the Casey hate, its not helping our club. He is doing a great job.

                          (and there hasn't been a coach we have had that Butch has not criticized since his departure... these Butch pieces get his name in the paper only for his contrarian opinion, no one cares when he agrees... so Butch will be Butch)
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                            The other thing I wanted to say about Butch was that he was a good coach. I don't have many problems with him and his opinion on floor tactics, which is why I conceede, that he may be correct in his criticism.

                            Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Butches weakness was always his ego, and it made for roster with egos, and ego problems, he cared too much about himself to ever notice little things, like Tmacs possible departure/unhapiness. Casey on the other hand is humble, aproachable, these players see him as father figure. If we had Casey during Carter (who needed a dad) and TMac, I am pretty sure that Casey's peronsality would be much more conducive to making those two stay together. He wouldn't use the situation as a ploy for his own contract negotiations.

                            So if Butch was being a know it all again, just take it with a grain of salt. He knows his baskeball, so its a criticism I would consider, but the way he went about it, is a little low and self serving.
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                              BasketballCrush wrote: View Post
                              The other thing I wanted to say about Butch was that he was a good coach.
                              A lot of people feel this way but I don't. Butch alienated and lost his team at the most crucial point in the season: The playoffs. In the franchises' very first trip to the post season Butch had to have the spotlight and sued Camby to shift the spotlight off the fact that his veteran leaders had openly quit on him and were calling him out in the papers.

                              Besides that debacle he had a loaded veteran team with multiple players able to create (VC/TMAC/AW) their own shot and others who knew how to play a role (Curry/Oak/AD) without needing to be over coached.

                              Good NBA level coaches don't stay unemployed this long. He's outta the league for a reason. The wings aren't getting coached? BS, DeMar has improved a lot under Casey, Ross is learning quickly, Lowry is adapting his game... I don't know what Butch is thinking.
                              LET'S GO RAP-TORS!!!!!