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RR Exclusive: Got Questions for Bosh or DeMar?

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  • RR Exclusive: Got Questions for Bosh or DeMar?

    Never one to sit idly by during a break in the regular season, we here at Raptors Republic will be working in tandem with the great folks at Dime Magazine to bring you some exclusive tidbits from Dallas. The ball has already started rolling, but for one feature we wanted to bring the voice of the Republic to the forefront.

    So we turn to you and ask for questions you may have for Chris Bosh or DeMar DeRozan. Obviously interview time is short during this busy event, so we won’t be able to ask very many questions, making it a selective process. Be mature, avoid the obvious questions of free agency and what dunks are being planned. Come up with something original and witty. Show these guys that our readers can come up with something better than the usual dredge you always complain about getting asked.

    Throw your questions in the comments section at the main blog. We need to have these in by 2pm Thursday Feb 11th.

    Again, look at this as an opportunity for you to stand out. Give us your best.

    Keep your eyes on RR throughout All-Star Weekend for some fantastic stuff.