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    Vid of him on Houston dleague and rockets game.
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      CalgaryRapsFan wrote: View Post
      The problem with that thinking is that it does nothing to actually address the backup PG position, which is what BC has said he intends to address. Whether it's Machado or Uzoh or some other young/project player, that would only further cement Lucas as the backup PG. I think the idea is to upgrade the backup PG spot, allowing Lucas and his streaky shooting to slide back into the 3rd PG role.

      Don't get me wrong, I would happy to let Lucas leave after this season (not pickup his team-option for 2013-14) and replace him with a young PG like Machado, but only if we're talking about the 3rd PG spot.

      Regardless who the 3rd PG is, this team needs a better backup (there are going to be several decent backup PG options available in free agency in the offseason).
      Going by BC's words they don't intend to address the back up PG need this year. The plan is to manage with Lucas and sign someone to a 10 day deal if necessary. He said this on PTS a few days ago. In that case why not sign Machado for 10 days, try him as a back-up and see if he does a better job than Lucas. If he does, they can sign him for the remainder of the season.
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