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Why is Anderson getting this much mins? questions, questions, questions....

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    I do understand the JV minutes issue hes just coming back from injury, JV himself said there is still pain in his hand from it and he isnt 100% Ross under Anderson though I dont get. Anderson when he first became a Raptor I saw him as a guy that has a lot of experience to buckle down and do the right plays for the team not rushing anything and he truly was doing that great guy for any team to have at the 3rd string spot. Now though Anderson completely forgets what he is taking shots like its his team and he leads them to Ws, maybe this is why he is a journeyman right now he is working too hard for his check when all we need from him is the minimum.


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      AA has cooled off. In the Boston game he played "The Truth" well. Don't forget, AA was covering Kyrie Irving after the heart breaker against Cleveland. I like him as a defensive option & think his shot will improve.


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        iblastoff wrote: View Post
        So hes been playing inconsistently. What else is new in the raptors camp? In the celtics game, gays fg% was almost as bad as Anderson's.
        Almost being key word.

        Some of those missed shots came on offensive rebound put backs. I don't know about anyone else but that kind of skews the fga in my opinion.

        Gay certainly didn't shoot well but he did also contribute 12 rebs, 3 asts, 4 stls, and 8 trips to the free throw line/knocking down 8.


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          Let's review, shall we?

          Anderson's line, last 8 games:

          24.8 minutes
          6.8 PPG
          2.3 APG
          2.6 RPG

          Wait for it, wait for it....

          19/65 FG (29%)!!
          3/23 3PT (13%)!!!!!!
          2.5 PF

          Twitter - @thekid_it


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            I cant tell you guys how huge it was that Casey gave Anderson the hook after his 2 bricks last night... PLEASE CASEY PULL THIS DUDE!!!! (Yank) YES! GTFO ANDERSON RIDE THE PINE!