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Before you write off the mid-range jumper...

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  • Before you write off the mid-range jumper...

    Over the past few seasons there has been a shift away from the mid-range jumper towards the three point line. The basic reasoning is that you should either take an easier shot (close to the rim higher % of going in) or go back further to the three point line (worth 50% more points!)

    While this makes logical sense, let's not write off the mid-range jumper just yet. Perhaps I should remind everyone that the all-time leader for mid-range jumpers is his royal airness Micheal Jordan.

    He set the record by taking 1,056 midrangers in a single season.






    In 2002-2003 when he played for the Washington Wizards.

    EDIT: Apologies for the troll.

    "They're going to have to rename the whole conference after us: Toronto Raptors 2014-2015 Northern Conference Champions" ~ ezzbee Dec. 2014

    "I guess I got a little carried away there" ~ ezzbee Apr. 2015

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    R.I.P Mid-range Jumper


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      I dont think its dead. There's still a lot of great players that have a great mid range game. Kobe, Nowitzki, Wade, Pierce, Melo, Westbrook. Just to name a few. LeBron also has a pretty good mid range game.

      You mentioned Jordan. Another one of the greatest mid range jump shooter of all time was Iverson.

      That's why i dont understand players like Gay. A horrible shooter who continously take long 2's. Like, why not develop your mid range game?? it's a much easier shot to make.
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