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Are the Suns legit??

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  • Are the Suns legit??

    Suns just beat the Warriors and they now sits 6th in the West. Incredible.

    They've got a bunch of good no name players on their team. They've got great chemistry, they have a system that fits for the players they have.

    The funny thing is, everyone(including me) thought they'll be leading the race for the Wiggins sweepstakes next year along with Philly. I don't they'd win 15 games this season to be honest but they already have 14. Unbelievable.
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    I guess its about moving the ball and busting ass on D, and they seem to be fairly willing to do both.

    Nice to see no?


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      Those guys love to run!!


      They have mini-lebron...


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        Hornacek has been a blessing for them. They have so many assets as well via draft picks that they can bring in a stud to get better. This is the model that I was hoping the Raptors would develop. Get a young team with lots of draft picks.. hope like hell they do well and then capitalize on those draft picks (either via trade or via the draft).

        You don't need to tank when you have flexibility and assets. If you suck well you get a good pick.. If you don't suck well you have things that can still make you better other than 'organic growth'.

        The most interesting thing about the Suns is that they have only played 5 games in the East (one of which was against Miami). I'm sure they are itching to play Philly, NY, Orlando, etc.

        GSW/Memphis might be two teams looking at the lottery when the season ends. Never would have thought that.


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          I wonder if we waited with the Rudy Gay trade, we mightve been able to get a first rounder from Pheonix.. It was only after the trade that they decided they want to compete.
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            I don't seem them ever being higher than where they are right now (6th seed) and the West is so tight that a 3 game losing streak means there's a good chance you are on the outside of the playoffs looking in.

            They certainly are better than we all expected and they are in a good position regardless of how this season goes, but I still think they end up mission the playoffs. I mean there are basically 8 teams fighting for the last 3 playoff posts.

            5 of the following teams are NOT going to make the playoffs
            Golden State
            New Orleans
            L.A. Lakers

            I think Dallas and GSW are going to be in there, so that leaves 6 teams fighting for 1 spot. The West is just wacky!!!
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              It's hard to figure. The Suns traded Gortat in a move perceived to confirm that tanking was the plan but then the team is very competitive all the same without Gortat. They drafted Alex Len who has been injured, playing only 2 games and could turn out to be a bad pick in a bad draft.