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Knicks might be making major moves

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  • Knicks might be making major moves

    Just thought I would post this for everyone to have a look. Might give some idea as to where Lowery might go

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    I don't think Latino Post is a legit source. They recently said that Sacramento made an offer to Boston for Rondo that involved 2 draft picks, IT, and McCrae. It looks like they're just posting insane rumors for web hits. I'm going to wait and see before believing anything they post as far as trades.


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      The article is supported with quotes from other writers. Unfortunately, those other author's are writting opinion pieces, meaning they are not based on anything other the author's doing a theoretical exercise aka SPECULATION. In the article of the OP:

      According to Bleacher Report's Jared Zwerling, the Knicks have to trade Anthony before it's too late, and apparently, the Clippers are the only ballclub in the league that can facilitate the deal.
      But if you read the that article Zwerling it starts with

      While the prospects of that happening anytime soon are remote, there is one trade—just one trade—that could be possible. But it wouldn't involve the Nets. Make that their nemesis across the East River: the Knicks.

      Why would that be the case?

      Because of another star power forward: none other than Carmelo Anthony, who would be sent to the Los Angeles Clippers in that scenario.
      Zwerling's whole article can be summed up by, "The Knicks might lose Melo so they NEED to trade him now." There's nothing wrong with that opinion but it's Zwerling's NOT the opinion of Dolan or anyone else at MSG.

      At a bare minimum we like people posting trade rumours to at use sources backed up by "an anonymous source within the organisation". There is as much merit to any of the trades in the trade section of this forum as there is to the OP's article or the article quoted by the one in the OP.
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