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So much for the Dec. 15th-20th Trade Frenzy

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  • So much for the Dec. 15th-20th Trade Frenzy

    There was a lot made up in the media about how this year was unique in that there seemed to be a lot of trade activity so early. A lot was made up about teams trying to get things done in the Dec. 15th-20th window, where teams could trade guys signed in the summer for guys that could be shipped out before the trade deadline.

    The headliner for this was Omar Asik. The Rockets according to numerous sources (including Zach Lowe) said they were going to trade Asik by the 19th, to the highest bidder. This wasn't the only thing though, here at the Republic we saw a flurry of Raptors related rumors especially with Lowry, but also Derozan, Amir, and even JVs names we're brought up (to be fair, Amir and JV seemed to be WANTS from other teams, not players that Masai was shopping).

    Well Asik is still a Rocket and Lowry is still a Raptor. It looks like the flexibility GMs would get by doing the deal by yesterday (or maybe today?) wasn't enough incentive for those teams to pull the trigger on anything they were offered.

    Pretty anticlimactic if you ask me.

    Once again Masai has left us dangling. This teams intentions are still not known. We've got a capable PG and back up PG with talent and depth at other positions. Too good to be bad, too bad to be good. It seems like Masai is sticking to his guns that he refuses to do a deal if he doesn't like the return.
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