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Chicago Bulls and the draft

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  • Chicago Bulls and the draft

    What do you all think should be Chicago's approach for the rest of season?

    They are in just such a tough situation right now, sitting just outside the playoffs and dealing with the heart-breaker that is another season ending injury for Rose. I think pushing this team to play another season like they did last year is both asking and expecting too much, but there doesn't seem to be much evidence that they are gunning for a bottom seed. Perhaps it's still a little early to commit one way or the other, but if I was the GM over there I would be moving Boozer and Deng and looking at a high draft pick to pair with Rose for the future. Thibs wouldn't like it, but I wonder how Rose would feel? He may never be the same player again. This may be the best way to keep the team competitive going forward. Sacrifice this season for a high pick and some cap relief, try and get a little better next year and maybe they can have themselves in position to be players in the FA market the year after.