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Is criticizing professional athletes in public an effective coaching strategy?

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  • Is criticizing professional athletes in public an effective coaching strategy?

    This is a good question.
    I want to discuss this question (courtesy of an ESPN poll following Mike Malone's recent comments).

    I say no.
    Big time no.
    Creates an environment where players can't trust their coach, and an antagonistic relationship.
    If I was on that team, I wouldn't feel motivated.
    I would think "Fuck this guy, why isn't he finding a way to make us better?"

    To put it another way:
    If he's right, and he's dealing with a whole bunch of players that don't care, how is this "strategy" going to do anything to remedy that?

    You can think those things.
    I'm sure every coach thinks those things.
    But you take it upon yourself to get the most out of your players.
    You do not say (which is basically exactly what Mike said) "I want another team".

    It stinks of desperation and emotion and a coach that isn't in control.

    I guess what I'm really saying is it's not a strategy.
    It's the behaviour of a coach who is out of strategies.
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    Pro sports..... hard when million dollar babies start to sulk, sometimes the only way to wake them up is to call them out in the media....the one place their egos hurt the most.

    They're all men, get paid to act like men. If they cant handle the criticism, its on them I think.


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      That's all true, but not relevant.
      It is on them.
      If I was Malone, I would be frustrated as hell.

      But it's just not a wise strategy.

      And I don't know about this whole "media is where their egos hurt the most" thing.
      The actual losing is worse than being called out by your coach.
      Much, much worse.
      I'm sure turning over the ball a whole bunch of times on a nationally televised game is harder on a player than anything a coach could say.


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        not when he says it in the media. These guys can be pretty big Princesses sometimes.