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D.J. Augustin's Second Wind

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  • D.J. Augustin's Second Wind

    So I'm in a fantasy basketball league (that I'm currently crushing) and upon Kemba Walker's ankle injury, I found myself scrambling to find a temporary point guard in his stead. I sorted the free agents by average total fantasy score, and looked at the last 7 days of action. And imagine my surprise when I saw D.J. Augustin's name pop right up to the top! He's been a fantasy stud, and he's been starting in place of Kirk Hinrich for the last couple games.

    What's your guys' take on how well he's playing? Do you think the Raptors were too tentative in cutting him rather than Buycks or Stone? Or did he just not fit in with the Raptors period. I read this article as well:

    So my take is that he just wasn't happy in Toronto, and to be honest, a lot of us were dicks to Augustin and never truly gave him a real chance after having a few shaky games early in the season. He truly didn't get any consistent run and the coaching staff showed no confidence in him, and keep in mind he also had to split time with two other D-League caliber point guards. Do you think he would have been much better if the Raptors didn't attempt a weird 3-backup point guard (with no clear favourite) system? And should they have just given D.J. at least a quarter of the season to settle in?

    I always figured he was a very talented player but he clearly lacked any drive or passion while in Toronto, and more or less he was indifferent which struck chords of Bargnani that will forever resonate poorly in this city.