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Nets sweep Heat, potential playoff matchup?!!

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  • Nets sweep Heat, potential playoff matchup?!!

    The Nets just beat the Heat again, and by one point, again, to sweep the Heat, and now are still the only team in the NBA to not lose to the Heat this season! If the standing stay as they are, and the Nets beat the bulls in the first round of the playoffs, then the Heat could possibly get taken out by the Nets, and if the Raptors can beat the wizards and the pacers which does seem possible, then we could see a Nets-Raptors conference final, ideally.

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    Gotta hold on to 3rd.
    If we knew half as much about coaching an NBA team as we think, we"d know twice as much as we do.


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      Yeah that's for sure, the Bulls are really close, and if the Raptors lose third seed then their hopes of past the second round are slim to none, because of the Heat (I'm assuming they'll hold the one seed), and their first round matchup will be way more difficult than it has to be.


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        Gotta sprint the final 100m. worked so hard, dont let them catch up!
        The Baltic Beast is unstoppable!


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          I didn't watch the other games but the Nets got ridiculously lucky last night. Thornton was on fire, Johnson hit a ridiculous prayer, and they got every key call down the stretch.

          In a 7 game series, I like Brooklyn to win one game. Spoelstra vs. Jason Kidd will be a difference-maker when the Miami staff can prepare for the Nets. Also, I think Miami has another gear or two. I think the Nets are playing about as well as possible right now....


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            Well, I didn't actually watch any of the four games between the two, so I'm not sure, but if you beat the same team by one point three times, and a fourth in double overtime, it seems weird that it's just a complete fluke. What I took from just the results was that the two teams were essentially even in all four, and each time the nets somehow came away with the victory, so it seems, from my standpoint anyway, that the Nets could do the same thing in a 7 game series, and maybe upset the Heat in the playoffs if the two teams were to play each other, paving the way for a potential Raptors finals appearance if they actually get through the first two rounds.