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2014 NBA Mock Draft

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  • 2014 NBA Mock Draft

    1. Cleveland - Andrew Wiggins
    2. Milwaukee - Jabari Parker
    3. Philadelphia - Joel Embiid
    4. Orlando - Dante Exum
    5. Utah Jazz - Noah Vonleh
    6. Boston Celtics - Aaron Gordon
    7. LA Lakers - Marcus Smart
    8. Sacramento - Julius Randle
    9. Charlotte - Gary Harris
    10. Philadelphia - Nik Stauskas
    11. Denver - Nurkic
    12. Orlando - Saric
    13. Minnesota - Zach LaVine
    14. Phoenix - McDermott
    15. Atlanta - James Young
    16. Chicago - Tyler Ennis
    17. Boston - Rodney Hood
    18. Phoenix - TJ Warren
    19. Chicago - GRIII
    20. Toronto - Jerami Grant
    21. OKC - Adreian Payne
    22. Memphis - Clint Capela
    23. Utah - Kyle Anderson
    24. Charlotte - Jarnell Stokes
    25. Houston - Porzingis
    26. Miami - Elfrid Payton
    27. Phoenix - Mitch McGary
    28. LAC - KJ McDaniels
    29. OKC - Cleanthony Early
    30. SA - Jordan Adams


    If you're CLE no way you pass up on Wiggins. No way. He's the best player in this draft. And if you're MIL, i think you take Parker. They need a lot of help. They already have a good young shot blocking C in Sanders. They need a gamebreaker, and that's Parker.

    Philly is an interesting situation because they already have Noel. I could easily see them take Exum at 3. But Embiid is too good to pass up.

    Last thing, i think we're going to see LOTS and LOTS of trades. No way PHX keep their 3 first round picks right?
    Mamba Mentality

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    Not going to comment much, or well, at all, about picks after the top 3 because who the heck knows.

    I do think Milly will still take whoever's left of Embiid and Wiggins. Sanders has been such a rollercoaster for them, and he actually has the tools to be a PF as well. Milly needs help...but they need it everywhere. Draft Embiid, trade one of Sanders or Ilyasova (whoever can get you a good package) and start the other, or maybe even Henson if he's ready/capable of starting at PF.


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      Don't let us pick Jerami Grant, please Masai.
      The name's Bond, James Bond.


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        1. Cleveland - Joel Embiid
        2. Milwaukee - Andrew Wiggins
        3. Philadelphia - Jabari Parker
        4. Orlando - Dante Exum
        5. Utah Jazz - Julius Randle
        6. Boston Celtics - Noah Vonleh
        7. LA Lakers - Marcus Smart
        8. Sacramento - Aaron Gordon
        9. Charlotte - Nik Stauskas
        10. Philadelphia - Zach Lavine
        11. Denver - Gary Harris
        12. Orlando - Doug McDermott
        13. Minnesota - James Young
        14. Phoenix - Dario Saric
        15. Atlanta - Rodney Hood
        16. Chicago - P.J Hairston
        17. Boston - Glenn Robinson III
        18. Phoenix - TJ Warren
        19. Chicago - Andrien Payne
        20. Toronto - Jerami Grant
        21. OKC - Jusuf Nurkic
        22. Memphis - Kyle Anderson
        23. Utah - Kristaps Prozingis
        24. Charlotte - Elfrid Payton
        25. Houston - Clint Capela
        26. Miami - Jarnell Stokes
        27. Phoenix - K.J McDaniels
        28. LAC - Cleanthony Early
        29. OKC - Shabazz Napier
        30. SA - Damien Inglis
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          I have no idea how the draft will play out but after watching Wiggins this season at Kansas I have him as the fifth best talent available after Embiid, Parker, Randle, and Exum.

          With the Raptors selection my hope is that they draft a player that is NBA ready to go, landing on his feet in full stride, like Napier or Early. If there wasn't a log jam at power forward already, I would add Jarnell Stokes and Adrian Payne to the list.


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            I agree there will be many pre & in-draft trades after the top tier get chosen...which should make it for a very interesting evening and hopefully Masai is in the mix dealing and choosing. Sac and Phoenix already have announced a willingness to deal their picks for established talent and I am sure others with multiple picks may also or convinced to


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              Hey MACK11, you don't think Tyler Ennis will be drafted in the 1st round?
              Mamba Mentality