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Prokhorov Offering Krzyzewski $12-$15 Million Per Season

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  • Prokhorov Offering Krzyzewski $12-$15 Million Per Season

    WOW .... now that would be nuts for a head coach and general manager.

    I'm assuming Prokhorov wants Coach K badly hoping that it will entice LeBron to sign with New Jersey.

    Prospective Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov is prepared to make Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski an offer to become the team's next head coach, according to a report on

    The Nets would likely offer Krzyzewski between $12 million and $15 million per season to coach and possibly also be the general manager. Krzyzewski turned down a 2004 offer from the Lakers that would have paid him $40 million over five years.
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    I think Phil Jackson is currently paid $12 million per season although he's expected to take a pay cut on his next contract (likely $8 mil)

    The NBA should put a salary cap in on coaches + front offices. These uber-rich owners create an uneven and unhealthy landscape.


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      Does anyone remember the last great/good nba coach hired right out of college? (I seriously am drawing a blank).

      Taking impressionable 18 yr. olds out of hs and cracking the disciplinary whip on pain of having their college career going up in smoke (as well as potentially an nba stint) is a far cry from running a pro team for 82 games. Coach K has been successful with the Olympic team but this is a group of the best and the pecking order has already been set somewhat with a short tournament as duration. There is a reason why he and other coaches from the ncaa have not seamlessly made it to the pros.