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    Can someone explain the Drew League to me please? From what I gather it's a Pro-Am with NBA players...

    But it seems like they run longer than the NBA players are there, and so how do the NBA players end up on certain rosters? I used to think that it was just an NBA players and friends thing, and they made their own teams and what not... But there have been other weeks of Drew league already this year with no mention of NBA players.

    So do they just come in and take the roster spots of some random scrubs for two weeks and then dip like it ain't no thing? And the scrubs accept that?

    Please enlighten me

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    A lot of NBA players have been tied to Drew League since they were kids. Demar started playing in the Drew at 14. Obviously, getting a spot for your "friends" on a relaxed Pro-Am league would be pretty easy.

    You can try to figure out more about the league on their website:

    Not sure that helps, but it's what's publicly available.