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Everything Vince Carter

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    psrs1 wrote: View Post
    Ross's facial expressions and body language indicates defiance to me .
    I think you're confusing defiance with disinterest
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      white men can't jump wrote: View Post
      I know everyone's down on Ross, but that's a pretty awful deal. VC is on his last leg and I wouldn't be surprised if he retires...and if not it's just a guy who'll mostly sit on the end of bench. Sure, he can mentor, and have his victory lap in Toronto....but why don't we just try to hire him back in some kind of role after he retires? *The leadership void on this team can't be filled from the end of the bench.

      Anyway, I mostly hate this kind of thing because 2nd rd picks are not high value. You hear every year how some can just be bought with cash. Like, at least try to get two for Ross or something...The kid has talent. He hasn't shown much mental toughness or consistency. He's also been jerked around constantly in the rotation and played a lot out of position (especially defensively) his whole time in Toronto.

      We'd be trading him when his value is low. That's a bad plan. Maybe it never clicks for him, but you don't want to sell low. And a 2nd rd pick is as low as it gets. And if he starts to "get it" at all after the trade, he'd have waaay more value than a 2nd rd pick. If you don't trade him, and end up not wanting to re-sign him when his deal runs out, you can still just try to buy a 2nd rd pick.
      My bad. Meant vc and a 1st. It's a late first so it's still not that great
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        This thread is indicative of the desperation starting to ferment in some of the fan base.

        Carter should retire already. And we already have our own homegrown star heading Canada Basketball...Steve Nash....who btw never laid down.


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          Bendit wrote: View Post
          This thread is indicative of the desperation starting to ferment in some of the fan base.

          Carter should retire already. And we already have our own homegrown star heading Canada Basketball...Steve Nash....who btw never laid down.
          Nicely said. If we are going to rebuild then I hope we get Nash somehow involved to teach the young team what it means to fight and prove people wrong.


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            Please no Carter. I thought we were done taking on bad contracts.
            The name's Bond, James Bond.


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              phdmac wrote: View Post
              I think you're confusing defiance with disinterest
              So his attitude compares to Bargnani and Turkoglu then, not VC.


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                I would welcome back VC. He can get Derozan and Ross straight. Ross I believe has a good relationship with VC, as I remember him posting on instagram prior to the Memphis game/VC tribute that we fans should forgive VC.

                But I honestly would prefer someone who has actually won in the playoffs and is a no-nonsense dude who can set you straight - like a Perkins or a Metta World Peace.


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                  I had wondered about a trade for David West this year at the deadline if the price wasn't too high. He would have eaten up most of their cap space if he exercised his option but he's the type of guy the Raptors needed.
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                    i think the IDEA of a guy like David West makes sense but not David West. he doesn't have much left in him.


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                      I like that we're devoting a thread to acquiring players old enough to have fathered this year's draft picks.
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                          If Vince Carter Gets Inducted...


                          If Vince Carter gets inducted into the hall of fame sometime over the next decade does he enter as a Raptor or a Net or some other team?

                          Feel free to debate whether he even gets in at all but the main focus is on who he would choose.


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                            Raptors I'm sure. Didn't he say a couple years ago that he regrets how he left the Raptors?

                            So many have left, Vince, TMac, Bosh, that I might be confusing who said it.

                            Anyway, his peak was with the Raptors, and NBA fans will always remember him mainly as a Raptor.


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                              It is the "Basketball" hall of fame, and not the "NBA" hall of fame.. and he did more for the global game than he statistically achieved on the NBA court. He won two ACC titles. Recognized as one of the top 35 greatest McDonald All-Americans. He played for team USA basketball. He put the Raptors and Canada basketball on the map.

                              As for the question in the OP, it should be the Raptors. He played more games and seasons for them and as I said previously, he put the Raptors and essentially Canada basketball on the map.

                              The cheers he got last year in his player tribute probably killed any awkwardness that might transpire if he was voted in as a Raptor.


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                                A lot of the modern era NBA inductees all either have a championship, an MVP or some career defining record or accomplishment which sets them apart from the rest in history. Of course, they're all exceptional basketball players as well.

                                Carter has eight all-star appearances, rookie of the year award, 30th all-time in career points and 75th all-time in player efficiency. To get inducted in a timely manner his camp should be marketing his impact on basketball internationally (Canada obviously in particular). Longevity, hanging around still at 38, has no doubt helped his chances because of his career totals.