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Popovich's Coaching Style/Spurs System

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  • Popovich's Coaching Style/Spurs System

    Okay so even though I follow the Raptors a fair bit and have been following the playoffs quite closely, I still don't understand the technical aspects of basketball completely. So can someone explain to me, I've just been watching the Spurs/Warriors game, and I feel like Popovich is just such a better coach than Mike Brown/Steve Kerr - I mean I'm still not sure Mike Brown can really coach at all. When everyone on your team can hit threes all the time and the other team is missing two of their best players, one of whom has a case for being the best player in the league this season, I think a box of chicken nuggets could pull out a win.

    Anyhow! What's Popovich's "system" that's always talked about? One guy I talked to about it once said that the Spurs "have a system" and it works. So what is this system exactly?