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  • Toronto penthouse with mural of Kawhi Leonard’s iconic buzzer-beater sold for 171K over asking
    A penthouse in downtown’s Cinema Towers sold for $171,000 over the asking price — and a custom mural of the iconic Raptors moment in the 2019 NBA Playoffs may have been a swaying factor.
    The popularity of the home — thanks to the mural — gave the penthouse “the unique touch that no other penthouse offers in the city,” according to the listing’s web page.

    “The buyer ultimately was a Raptors fan. They actually liked it,” says Tirulokan.

    The shot is still sending ripples through the universe.


    • still think the clippers are a dark horse for the west. dallas have the most upside but so hard to predict what golden state will end up like. steph true shooting is off the charts but doncic just getting too many easy looks. idk if the lakers can sort themselves out but need to make big moves.
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      • Found u..
        I thought the raptors were trash, but damn the Clippers have same record as Raptors.
        Kawli how is Clipperland treating u, any chips after u left, hmm.. yeah I thought so..I told u, should of never left, that's ok..we get it..should of never left, oh well..
        We still respect u and have love for u..but damn, u know u made a big mistakes.
        At least the weather is good, how's your Uncle.. lol..
        "Never apologize for coming to me. Office hours are for patients.
        My kitchen is always open to friends"


        • My guess is he's happy overall. I don't think that winning championships was among his top three priorities. He's home, its better for his family because they're no longer apart and he's making a ridiculous amount of money to play like 40 games of basketball per year. Where do I sign?