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  • Sweet Derrick Rose

    I'm a raptors fan, and as such, I am not at ALL a Bulls fan.

    I used to think Derrick Rose was awesome, but I hated him. It's my job.

    Then the guy got hurt, and then he came back and got hurt again. I felt bad for the guy to be honest, I know what he was going through having been there myself.

    But then he went away, and everyone threw him in the trash as washed up.
    Nobody wanted him.
    Hell, as a reclamation project, nobody would sign Derrick Rose.

    I often thought to myself that I would have loved for Toronto to get this guy on a cheap contract, gamble..... see what happens. Ujiri had no problem wasting years, time and money on Coboclo, a useless player with no history, why not on a guy who was arguably the best in the NBA at his position.

    He dropped 50 last night. I'm happy for him, and feel vindicated in my thoughts on the whole matter.

    What do you guys think?

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      There's also the interesting conversation of the alleged rape case.

      Now, I'm not bringing this up because of this, or because of that... however, with all the positives that came with D. Rose's amazing 50-point game, but it was an issue that people brought up when recognizing the "redemption" of Derrick Rose.

      Does anyone have an opinion on this? I never followed the case closely, and only read tweets from several reporters, writers, and fans.