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Stein: Mavs & Cuban Targeting James

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  • Stein: Mavs & Cuban Targeting James

    This courtesy of Marc Stein & ESPn Insider this morning:

    The Mavericks' hope, according to team sources, has always been signing Nowitzki to an extension before the start of free agency and then making a sign-and-trade run at top free agents. Sources say that list, improbable as it seems, starts with Cleveland's LeBron James, based on the idea that a locked-up Nowitzki would be among the major selling points to lure a big name, along with Cuban's free-spending history and -- in James' case -- the promise of playing a few regular-season games to the Dallas Cowboys' palatial new stadium that hosted the NBA's All-Star Game in February. Convincing any marquee free agent to push for a sign-and-trade to Dallas, however, would seemingly depend on Nowitzki's presence as a sidekick. Yet it remains to be seen how Nowitzki, who comfortably ranked as the best player in this series, copes with another postseason ending that is sure to bring him unjustified criticism, even after he averaged 26.7 points on 54.7-percent shooting. All franchise players get the blame when their teams fall short of expectations, but it's likewise true that even franchise players need consistent top-flight help, as Kobe Bryant quickly discovered until Pau Gasol arrived in Hollywood. It's easy to single out Nowitzki as the one on-court constant in the Mavericks' run of 10 consecutive 50-win seasons -- and their status as the only franchise of the four to achieve that feat that hasn't won multiple championships -- but the Spurs couldn't have been more relieved that Nowitzki's supporting cast, even post-trade, is still lacking.
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    Great! Can't wait to see Bron going West...