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Nash Wins the "Bobby Clarke Award" For "Best Playoff Mug"

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  • Nash Wins the "Bobby Clarke Award" For "Best Playoff Mug"

    Bill Simmons with some more of his witty annual "awards" and today hands one to Captain Canada himself, Steve Nash. I love his comments too. LOL


    To Steve Nash, who got busted open by a Tim Duncan elbow, received six temporary stitches, came back with his eye swelling shut, then made some one-eyed shots to clinch Phoenix's improbable sweep over its biggest nemesis. First of all, try shooting a 3-pointer with one eye. I bet you miss. Second, if that had happened to Vince Carter, he would have been on the ground for 20 minutes, they would have had to carry him out on one of those neck-stabilizing NFL stretchers, and he'd be groaning in a dark hospital room right now while a plastic surgeon checked out the stitches. Third, it's bizarre that the best Canadian basketball player ever always ends up with hockey-like gashes and cuts; he should just get it over with and knock out his own front teeth. And fourth, if you're a Suns fan, that's exactly how that sweep needed to end: in San Antonio, with Nash banged up, with all the ready-made excuses in place -- only this time, the bad luck bounced right off the Suns like they were wearing a shield.
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    Nash's face looked like that of George Chuvalo after his fights with Smokin Joe Frazier, George Foreman, Jimmy Ellis and Ali . Well actually Nash's face looked a lot better
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    Memories some so sweet, indeed

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    “As a captain, I played furiously. I drew a lot of fouls, but I brought everything I had to every practice and to every game. I left everything on the court because I simply wanted the team to win”
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