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Funny Crazy Rumor: Delonte West Slept With Lebron's Mother

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    Is this blogger a knicks fan by any chance?


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      hotshot wrote: View Post
      well she is not that old i think she had lebron when she was 18 so she would be like 43 now.

      gaaaa she looks almost exactly like lebron! If this is true then delonte west is more messed up then people believed.
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        The things people will say to try and get someone to leave. Who was the source again? was it Obama? MJ? Or maybe Oprah this time?


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          WOW ... so apparently this isn't a rumour but actually legit. Hall-of-Famer Calvin Murphy reaffirms this yesterday:

          Hall-of-Famer Calvin Murphy appeared on ESPN Radio in Houston today and as all basketball conversations must do, the topic turned to the rumors about Delonte West's dalliance with LeBron James' mom. Murphy's response: "It ain't no rumor."

          Murphy—who is not exactly the classiest individual to ever wear an NBA uniform—didn't just say he thinks it could have possibly, maybe happened. He says the story is "absolutely true," that everyone knew about it, and he has "legit" sources who can prove it. Oh, and there's also more than one dude involved. Unbelievable.

          Since Murphy had already gone all-in, he also threw out new rumors about LeBron "taking time off" and had some rather heated opinions about who deserves more blame in this situation. (Calvin is also a fan of the word "homeslice.") One way or another, someone is definitely getting blackballed by the NBA, because true or not, the powers that be can't be happy about this.

          By the way, when Calvin Murphy is distressed by your behavior ... then you really messed up somewhere.

          You can listen to the whole interview from ESPN 97.5's "The Drive with Carl Dukes, Dave Tepper and Julie Takahashi" by clicking here.
          Source - Click here


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            Mack North wrote: View Post
            I wonder if she'll give him a Hummer for his birthday too?
            That is just phenomenal. Well played, sir.

            And Calvin Murphy claiming it's true doesn't make the story any more legit. If anything it might make it less legit.


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              LeBron James has been the center of attention for quite some time heading into the 2010 NBA offseason, but the last thing he could have seen coming was answering questions about a potential affair between his mother and his own Cleveland Cavaliers teammate, Delonte West.

              The NBA superstar responded through lawyers to the rumors earlier today stating, "The report is false and defamatory. No thinking person could possibly believe such a rubbish."

              His legal team also issued a cease and desist letter to, the original publisher of the story. They threatened legal action to those who didn't comply.

              However, stood by their story and their claims that an affair was going on. They even took it a step further and published an update on the situation. They boasted that "popular news outlet" took on the story and quoted them.

              "Another source close to LeBron James claims to have had the superstar confide in him, saying that unlike Owens’ claim that sex between Delonte West and Gloria James went on for a couple of months, it really allegedly occurred once, either during or before the MVP party celebration wherein James was in attendance and the alcohol reportedly flowed."
              I guess the truth will finally come out some day.


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                Would not be suprised if that was true, of all the people, her picking Delonte makes me think she's crazy too.