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Ferry to Resign as Cavaliers GM

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  • Ferry to Resign as Cavaliers GM

    Crumbling under the pressure regarding LeBron's status perhaps?

    Cleveland Cavaliers general manager Danny Ferry is close to parting ways with the franchise less than two weeks after the dismissal of coach Mike Brown, triggering a dramatic reshaping of the team’s brain trust as it desperately tries to retain LeBron James(notes), league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

    Ferry’s contract ends this summer. He had said after the Cavaliers’ second-round loss to the Boston Celtics that he would speak with owner Dan Gilbert to decide whether it was best for him to continue as GM. Gilbert seemed open to having him stay, but Ferry, who was disappointed about having to fire Brown, a close confidante from their days with the San Antonio Spurs, decided to leave less than a month before James becomes a free agent.

    Assistant GM Chris Grant is expected to take over for Ferry.
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    I guess LeBron James wanted it to happen.


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      Apollo wrote: View Post
      I guess LeBron James wanted it to happen.
      I wonder why? Didnt Lebron ask Ferry to make all those moves last season...Shaq, Ilgauskas, Jamieson, resign Varejao the previous year etc. etc. I think LJ has been running that team the last couple of years (at least) so this is curious. I think it may have been Ferry trying to get out from under "being the yes man". Which then probably means LJ is going back to the Cavs. My take anyway.


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        Ferry Resigns as Cavs' GM

        Um... wtf? I mean, don't get me wrong, I think Ferry did a horrible job of surrounding LBJ with talent for the last couple of years. But... to replace him with " assistant Chris Grant, who has been functioning in the role of almost a co-general manager for the last several years." is a bit of a lateral move isn't it?
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          Lebron gets what Lebron wants.

          Both GM and coach are now gone (to the team with the best regular season record might I remind you! that is insane) and now the Cav's organisation are going to go up to James and tell him to write the nams of GM's and coache's he wants to play for and they will try to make it happen, if he signs back with the Cavs.

          Keep kissing the king's ass you pathetic servents.


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            Ya, I thought Ferry did a horrible job. I don't know if there was one move he did that I agreed with. He immediately tried to surround LeBron with aging veterans in order to win immediately instead of building slowly with young players that LeBron could grow with (a la Oklahoma City.... - this is why I have a blog, so I can point to previous things I've written).
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              Cleveland press release

              "Effective immediately, Lebron James will now be acting as GM and head coach, in addition to his role as player. We feel this is the best move for the organization going forward. He (Lebron) was instrumental in all aspects of the organization, from trades and personal movements, to play calling and practices. We feel this will give King James the freedom to make any changes he sees necessary to benefit the Cavaliers and the city of Cleveland."