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Only person I feel sorry for after Lebron's decision...

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  • Only person I feel sorry for after Lebron's decision...

    is Anthony Parker.

    I mean, he is the classiest guy in the NBA, never complained about anything during his Raptors days, and we even applauded him when he showed up at ACC after his departure because we knew how true he was to the franchise and getting one ring in his career was the only reason he left us...

    Now with Lebron leaving Cleveland, I really hope Parker does not end his career with the Cavs and instead ends up in Heat or the Lakers so he can get his much deserved ring and end his career satisfied. Real sportsmen like him are very hard to come by these days in the time of stats and money hungry players
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    totally agree parker was a class act
    ya dun noe


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      I agree 100%.. Parker's been my favorite player, even after he left the Raptors.. There's no doubt in my mind he'll play on a winning team again, with the way he plays D', to his basketball intelligence, to his above average shooting ability.. I don't think anyone should give up on the Cavs yet though, they don't really have the youth that Toronto has right now, but they are in similar positions and will both have to work with what they have.. Either way, one year left on his Cavs deal? I'm positive he has a few years left, he'll get his chance.


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        Yeah I hope he gets a position on a deep run playoff team he is one of the few class acts of the NBA.


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          He has one year left on contract. He will be 36 years old when he becomes a free agent. Chances are he will be moved before then.