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Dan Gilbert Is Done With LeBron...On To Bosh!!

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  • Dan Gilbert Is Done With LeBron...On To Bosh!!

    From SI's interview with Gilbert. Looks like we're not alone

    "I asked Gilbert if he worries that his comments will prevent him from acquiring a franchise star to replace James.
    "People know what the truth is," Gilbert said. "Because I say it or because I don't say it, people know what it is. All players are not alike. There are players who understand what it's all about. Could there be a few guys who don't want to come, like Chris Bosh? Probably. We're looking for guys who are tough and want to compete."

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    Meanwhile the Raptors have already moved on and revamped their roster while the Cavs are still shell shocked and have done nothing but just blow steam. I wouldn't be surprised if Cleveland will be one of the worst teams this season.


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      Haha thats great its true Bosh is soft and everyone knows it guarenteed he will be injured this season and will choke in the playoffs .
      "Hello, Hello !.....You Play to Win the GAME!!"

      Herm Edwards


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        dont listen to them Danny, we all know what the truth is dont worry, both teams will be fine without captian ego and rupaul gluck burning those lebron jerseys!


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          I'd say Cleveland will win as many games as the Heat lose. There is also the possibility that Gilbert goes even deeper of the reservation and starts stacking the Heat's competition. The Lakers could really use Mo Williams just like the Celtics could use Jamison.


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            I wish they still had Shaq. I wish Shaq was still a Cavalier next year.
            RR OG