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Ellis the Next Iverson?

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  • Ellis the Next Iverson?

    Apparently Derrick Rose thinks so. But I'm wondering if he left out the biggest attribute. Team cancer?

    Bulls guard Derrick Rose says that Monta Ellis reminds him of a bigger version of Allen Iverson.

    "Allen Iverson was a little smaller," Rose said, "but Monta definitely reminds you of him. (Ellis) gets up a little higher, but they've got a lot of the same moves. They're real clever with the ball even though you know which direction they're going."

    Ellis and Iverson will do battle on Monday night when the Warriors visit the 76ers in Philadelphia.

    "I don't think he's the next AI," Iverson said. "I think he's the first Monta Ellis. He can do so many things I can't do: as far as the way he jumps. He's super fast, real aggressive. He can do a lot of things on the basketball court and he's young, he's only going to get better."
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    iverson is


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      Ellis is not a cancer

      Ellis’ grievances with the Warriors date to their handling of punishment for his scooter accident and to concerns about Nelson’s commitment to him as a player and to Rowell’s decisions as the team’s No. 1 executive.
      personal promises made by Rowell to Ellis and Stephen Jackson at the end of last season that the Warriors would upgrade the roster significantly in order to make sure this year is not wasted.
      Two sources say that Nelson embarrassed Ellis when Ellis tried to step into a leadership role in the aftermath of the 28-point home loss to the Clippers on Nov. 6.

      The sources describe the scene in the post-game locker room: Ellis, as a co-captain, began loudly addressing to his teammates, telling them that this performance could not be tolerated.

      But then Nelson came into the room and told Ellis to be quiet.

      Speaking to reporters a few minutes later, Ellis was near-tears. A snippet…
      Ellis accused Nelson of blaming him for everything. When Nelson denied it and then walked away, waving his hands, Ellis said:

      “See, that’s why I won’t do it. I just won’t do it.”

      What did that mean? My read: Ellis was saying that whenever he tries to lead the team, it’s rendered meaningless because the coach and management disrupt everything.

      Ellis has his own weaknesses and is far from a perfect player, but he is not wrong on this point.
      he sees how little Nelson cares about building a real team and sees the bumbling of Rowell & Co.
      Like so many other players before him, he is realizing the hopelessness of life with Nelson, Rowell, Riley and Chris Cohan
      He wants out. Just like Stephen Jackson. Like Al Harrington. And, probably, like Anthony Randolph in a few months and Andris Biedrins and… well, you just name the good player.
      Ellis/Warriors situation set to hit full boil at Thursday meeting: Trade inevitable? | Talking Points

      I would swap Ellis for anyone on the Raptors not named Chris Bosh.