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Thunder waive Shaun Livingston

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  • Thunder waive Shaun Livingston

    I love Pops and all but I would love to see Livingston on the Raptors.

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    I joke. Has he played a game since his injury?
    Last name ever, first name greatest


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      He's played 22 games since his injury. My view on this is that Evans in going to be in the mix for the second half of the season and Johnson has been doing such a great job that Pops isn't going to get PT anyway. Why not grab a guy like Livingston and stash him on the bench?


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        I was a big Livingston fan when he was healthy, but right now he's not ready to contribute to an NBA team going anywhere serious. He's only 24, he should go to Europe for a season or two and come back healthy and with some playing time under his belt. He's been away for the game too long to just step in and be productive, maybe if he was a veteran it might work (see Jason Williams), but he's still very young and doesn't have much NBA experience. A year in Europe can do him a lot of good.


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          Come on now, are the guys at the end of the Raptors bench really ready to contribute something significant to an NBA team? I think every team should have a guy stashed away with some potential. He would come cheap and would only take up one of their street clothes positions. I'm sure he has some nice suits Arsenalist. He's had lots of time to work on that aspect of his game over the past three years during his recovery.


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            Meh, Celtics will pick him up. They have a tendecy of finding gems every year.