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Zach Randolph playing to his potential

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  • Zach Randolph playing to his potential

    Wow, Zach Randolph seems to have found his place on Memphis. He really seems to have matured, he boards, he scores, he passes, and he is a decent defender.

    Memphis really lucked out, after they gave up Gasol 'for cash reasons', and then proceeded to sign Randolph for about the same money. If Randolph continues his play, and Gay and Mayo can get along, I think we are seeing a 7 or 8 seed come playoff time.

    Kind of makes me wonder whether a MATURE Randolph brings to the table the same things that CB4 brings at a fraction of the price (based on a max contract).

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    I'm not buying it. This sort of thing happens time and time again with these troubled players. They create a mess, then get moved, then they start playing really well, then they get too comfortable and finally they fall back into who they are. Zach has went through this cycle a few times now. He's always been able to post huge numbers in terms of points and rebounding. Maturity has been his problem and something tells me a move from NYC to Memphis isn't going to fix that. Give him time, he will mess up.


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      I think this is an abberation month for Z-Bo, in which he is posting many high numbers the past games. The one thing I can point out to his "attitude" this year is that him being surrounded by Rudy Gay, Conley, Gasol, and no Iverson is a lot better to his well being than being surrounded by (from Clippers a racist owner, a dick coach, an unmotivated $12 Million point guard, Ricky Davis, (from NYK a little midget with attitude issues, Isiah Office Harrasser, Marbury, Fatty Richardson, Eddie Curry-Chicken-Chutney, and Dolen the Rich retard.


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        Another monster night for Zach Randolph against the Wizards. He is playing great ball of late, and no sign of slowing down...

        He has CB4-like numbers and better.......


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          Too bad real life games have more factors involved than what go into fantasy basketball rosters.


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            It is not just his numbers. He is contributing to his team winning. He is shooting a good percentage, and according to all accounts, he has matured into a good veteran presence on the young Memphis team.

            If, and I realize it may be a big if, he continues this for a whole season, not just the fantasy stats, Memphis could do some damage in the West. I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss his production as merely fantasy worthy.


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              Zach Randolph was never a bad character. He was miscast by lazy journalists who didn't do their homework.

              Zach Randolph is an impressionable young man who'll copy whoever is around them. Irrelevant of whether it's good or bad for him or others. A black sheep.

              Put him around good characters/professionals/people and he'll be a consummate professional (on the court at least, unfortunately he still keeps a lot of bad friends from his childhood off the court). Put him around bad characters and he'll act up. Anyone who has ever been around him in a one-on-one situation speaks glowingly about him. He's been this way since high school, throughout college, and on every team he's played on in the NBA.

              Lazy journalism + a need to put millionaires down ... created an inaccurate image of Randolph. He's not a bad guy. Just someone with a weak will who follows the people around him like a lost puppy dog.