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76ers Open to Trading Iggy to Houston for T-Mac?

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  • 76ers Open to Trading Iggy to Houston for T-Mac?

    Ugh ... the Sixers must really want cap space if they are so foolish in dealing away Iguodala along with another young player.

    According to this source, the Rockets have expressed interest in a deal involving Iguodala, but he must be paired with better, younger talent than Dalembert. (Read: a deal involving possibly Lou Williams, Thaddeus Young, Marreese Speights, etc.).

    Again, the Rockets are willing to take on money, but it'd have to be a special package and a 3rd team might even need to be involved. This source said this would be the kind of deal where both teams needed approval from ownership because of the amount of money and players involved.

    The source also said that the Rockets and Sixers have not talked in "more than a week", making a deal unlikely, but said any deal involving Iguodala "has a chance."

    So there's the latest on the NBA's most talked about trading chip: Tracy McGrady.

    The problem with the Sixers making a deal involving Iguodala and young talent is that they'd be getting rid of some good young guys and remain with Brand and Dalembert, which is sort of the opposite of the point of making such a trade.
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    lol @ this the 76ers would have to be on crack to even consider this ..
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      I would trade Iggy (or AI2) for T-mac only because he is soo overpaid. Hes second (or third) banana type player getting paid franchise player money. What I think is stupid about this trade is why are they thinking of trading their younger player (Williams or Holiday)


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        tdoto wrote: View Post
        lol @ this the 76ers would have to be on crack to even consider this ..
        Agreed. I don't know what is going through management's head for them to even consider this trade.


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          The only reason they are considering this trade is cuz they have Brand and Daly. One of those two will have to be included. That will shed a lot of money and then they have a 20 mil expiring after this year. They will save a lot
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