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Wilbon Thinks Cleveland is Best Team for Iverson

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  • Wilbon Thinks Cleveland is Best Team for Iverson


    Still, A.I. needs to play with a contender. It's a good thing he didn't sign with the Clippers either, which didn't happen because the people who run the Clippers had the good sense to actually talk to Iverson about his perceived role, only to find out Iverson saw himself as the star of the team and they saw him coming off the bench. Iverson, no matter how many points he can score, is past the point of helping a bad team, or even a mediocre team. But he can significantly help a serious contender, probably by coming off the bench, certainly by providing energy at the end of games.

    He needs to be on a team with players he respects enough so that he can be relatively happy to come off the bench because the rewards are so great. Iverson, frankly, needs a team that needs him, and there aren't so many of them. He needs a team where his ability to create his own shot will help a superstar, where he can also work the end of the game as a closer, a team where his reckless abandon and pedal-to-the-metal aggression in smaller doses will be an asset, not a liability.

    I'm talking about the Cleveland Cavaliers.

    Everybody who loves watching Allen Iverson play has a scenario which would put Iverson someplace of consequence, and no, I'm not talking about Madison Square Garden; thankfully Newsday is reporting the Knicks have no interest, not that anybody should be interested in them.
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    I actually agree.

    With Delonte West status up in the air, the Cavs need to someone to create instant offence when Lebron is not in the game.

    A.I could be the final piece of the puzzle for a championship ring or the final nail of the coffin, their maybe too many egos and icons on this team.