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    Based on what you seen from DeRozan so far this season has your opinion of him changed at all compared to when he was drafted? Is he exceeding your expectations, meeting your expectations or not meeting your expectations in any area? Please discuss.
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    2nd option. I liked what he has done so far and this is all I expected considering he is playing beside good offensive players.
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      Pretty much the same expectations as back in the summer.

      He is roundabout where I thought he'd be during his rookie season. A little on the low end due to how poor his defense is + the lack of minutes he's received (20mpg versus say 28 minutes). I was hoping we'd see a little more defense plus more minutes but he's in the ball park, expectations wise.

      In terms of long term expectations, nothing has changed yet. Those won't change until he shows more ability as a ball handler, as a passer, and more scoring versatility/efficiency. All areas which he hasn't shown so far. I doubt we'll see any major headway in those areas during the remainder of his rookie season. So that's pretty much on hold, so to speak, until his second year.


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        My expectations have been met.

        I will expect more more next season.

        To do that he will need to add some weight (muscle) if he wants to go strong to the rim with contact.

        5 years from now, he will look back on games tapes of his first season and wonder: "Who is that skinny guy?!".

        He will also need to improve his handle, going to his left and right.

        The only thing I do not like is the nickname Devlin gave him.

        Kid Dynamite???? Argh!!!!


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          My expectations have been somewhat met. I love that he's running on the break, playing hard on defence, giving some excitment during the game.

          My absolute favourite thing about him is his free throw shooting. this guy was a horrible freethrow shooter at USC. He's working on his shot and i really like that it can be seen that he's dedicated and working hard.

          I kind of wish he would crash the glass a bit more but since he's leaking out more i understand. eopfully moving forward he develops a better midrange, and consistant 3 ball, I hope he bulks up ( i was having a convo about what kind of bulid he has, i think its like Kobe, others have said Iggy)

          I think moving forward he can be a star player if he works hard and develops that crucial jumpper.


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            Seeing as how (with Blake Griffin injured) only Evans with the KIngs who exceeded expectations and Flynn who is doing ok are the only picks before DD performing with a degree of consistency, I think Demar has shown flashes of his great potential to be optimistic. The other two I mentioned have the ball in their hands so it's a comparison with some distinction. It was also quite ballsy to have him start and get his minutes out of the way. I was not so sure that was the right way to go but it seems he and the team have weathered that descision so far and given him some on floor experience in meaningful minutes as compared to Bargs who got very little his first year or got yanked as soon as made mistakes. If he can work on his long range shooting and get beefed up some more it will be fun watching him next season.


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              I kind of consider this year to be another year in college for DD, where he gets to mature a bit and get his feet planted, with the added bonus of being paid and playing against NBA players.

              Expectations for second year are high - I figured he would be the kind of player that takes time because his game is still very raw. DeRozan admitted himself that the only kind of offence they needed in the PAC-10 was transition offence, where he excelled. Half-court in the NBA is a different ballgame. So, I will wait until his 2nd far, he has been about what I expected.


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                All I know is that I can see the type of potential he has and it's big!!
                Waiting for DeRozan to windmill dunk in a game!


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                  Demar did something I never saw him do before against Orlando.

                  He kept shooting jump shots and getting them in!!

                  I think he can become a pretty descent 13-14 points and 4-5 rebounds a game type of player someday.

                  There are way too many fans out there that have way more loafty expecations for Derozan but I just don't see it.


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                    T-Mac had humble beginnings in Toronto and look what he ended up doing, statistically speaking. I'm not saying DeMar will be a scoring champ but I am saying that what you see this season may not be a great indicator of what's to come. He did only play one year of college ball. He meets what I expected out of him for this season but I feel he's the kind of guy you need to treat like an NFL WR; you need to give him three years to have a good feel about where he's headed.


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                      His three-point shooting (33%) has been a bit of a disappointment but other than that, he's been what I expected. I also thought he would get more touches but I guess when you have so many offensive players, the ball's hard to come by unless they really have to pass it to you.


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                        I didn't have too many expectations coming into this season for DeMar. I expected a little more from him defensively seeing how he talked so much about it leading up to the draft, but outside of that he's pretty much where I expected him to be. Average performance and getting minimal playing time. I would like to see Jay keep him in longer for certain situations more often instead of being so quick to pull him, but for the most part I really don't have any complaints.


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                          Demar DeRozan: 20 minutes; 7 ppg; 2.5 rpg; 1.5 apg; 0.5 stl; 0.5 blk; 1 to
                          From August 31, Toronto Raptors: Do Projected Stats = Future Dynasty

                          09-10 TOR 36 games 20.0minutes, 2.8 rebounds, 0.7 assists, 0.6 steals, 0.4 blocks, 0.9 TO, 7.7 points
                 DeMar DeRozan

                          Actual stats are close enough to meet my expectations for the rookie.
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                            in my opinion, college coaches don't do nearly as good a job teaching the game as they should and, in that regard, DeRozan has improved exponentially since October getting good instruction from good coaches.
                            DeMar cannot defend well enough to put on the court in late, close game situations; he doesn't chase people off screens well enough.
                            The Star, "Raptors pre-game chat" w/ Doug Smith

                            I also believe DeMar has improved a lot since October and its been in ways that don't always show up on the box score. If he develops this season like in his first year of college then his final 15 games or so leading into the playoffs is where you should see him take another step up. I have a funny feeling he may be a few years away from being a key factor.
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                              DeRozan Dunk Mix

                              Nicely done.