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WOW! Songolia lost the game for Lithuania.

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  • WOW! Songolia lost the game for Lithuania.

    This has to be one of the biggest mistakes made by a player to seal the win for his team in an important game. so brutal, the replay makes me kinda sick just watching it. Lithuania had the 2 point lead and Songolia gets the D.rebound and makes a bad pass to the guard and ball is stolen. Macedonian player takes a 3 and makes it.

    SO BRUTAL. Songoloa should have just held the ball and wait to get fouled. He shoots like 80 percent free throws damn it! HUGE UPSET for Lith.

    Watch the highlights here (last play starts at 00:50):{13FE876A-D668-47E5-BFDF-C043215442BF}&compID={D166E39E-2323-4863-B229-76357A926FA2}&season=2011&roundID=7526&gameID=7985-82-A-1

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    I'm numb.

    Speechless. Wow. what an ending. Ouch.

    It hurts a bit. I'm imaging how the locals are handling this defeat right now. Must be a country in mourning. This Lithuanian team has grown on me, mainly because JV is on this team and also the fact that this a great team. But just like that, it's over.


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      It is close to a national tragedy here in Lithuania, although the team is not blamed and especially not individual players, we just thank them for their effort. It's not over yet, Lithuania will have to fight for 5-8 places and try to make it to the olympics qualification tournament.


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        And the game for Olympic tournament Lithuania - Slovenia is starting in like 5 hours. Hopefully they can recover after a loss. I doubt they have slept much tonight.


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          Youi guys are right, its not just the one players fault. But honestly... what was Songolia thinking, did he not think lituania was winning???

          This play brings two videos to mind...

          1 st is chris webber calling a timeout with none left and getting a technical.

          And this one... from a game with the raps where a wizards palyers throws the ball in the air thinking the game is over and then Mo pete hits the 3.