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Orlando to file tampering charges against NJ?

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  • Orlando to file tampering charges against NJ?

    The Orlando Magic are contemplating filing tampering charges against two unnamed NBA teams for illegal contact with its franchise center, Dwight Howard, according to a league source.

    The Magic believe at least one of the teams have had contact with Howard -- who reportedly wants to be traded -- as recently as Thursday. If the team substantiates that belief, it will immediately file charges with the league, the source said.

    Anyone who remembers the ramifications of the Joe Smith/Minnesota tampering realizes New Jersey could be in deep doo-doo.


    ChrisMannixSI Chris Mannix
    Orlando not pursuing tampering charges against Houston, source directly involved tells
    So only NJ possibly on the hook.

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    I think the policy should be that if a team is found guilty of tampering they should be blocked from acquiring the player from then on. That might crush any such cases in the future.

    The league was really soft on Phil Jackson for this:

    How hot is Raptors forward Chris Bosh? Very, according to Lakers coach Phil Jackson, who last month paid him a most expensive compliment, suggesting that Los Angeles would pursue the Raptors' 6'11" forward when he becomes a free agent in the summer of 2007. "There are some [players who] will be available that you obviously have to take a look at, and this kid here is one of them," said Jackson. The league office viewed that remark as a declaration of genuine intent and fined Jackson $25,000 for tampering.
    Source: SI

    But this was just some dumb comments to the press. I'm very curious what they do with the Jersey exec.


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      The NBA - where drama happens


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        I no speakazee Ingleeshh. I no nuthin.