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Chris Bosh great in game 7

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  • Chris Bosh great in game 7

    Congratulations to Chris Bosh for his outstanding game 7 performance, in which he grabbed key rebounds, broke up passes, and hit a few dagger-in-the-heart 3-pointers.

    Bosh worked his butt off to get to this point. Good luck in the finals. Go Heat!!

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    congratulations on his game. but he didn't work his butt off, he is riding coat tails


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      Miekenstien wrote: View Post
      congratulations on his game. but he didn't work his butt off, he is riding coat tails
      I think we all undervalue his importance to that team. He needs to be there for them to be successful. He may be riding coat tails but there is no way D-Wade and Lebron can win the finals without him, especially against OKC. It was weird. Everyone was saying that Bosh is soft, riding coat tails, that Miami only had a big 2, but when he got injured everyone changed their tone to "no way the Heat can win without Bosh".

      Regardless, that was a great game by Bosh.


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        I've never been one to get in on the Chris Bosh Bashing, and was genuinely happy for him while watching the game. He had a great game...

        But watching the Post-Game Conference, dude has lost ALL humility it feels like.
        He comes off as more of a DOUCHE than LeBron does, and LeBron is wearing DOUCHE glasses.
        Thats how DOUCHEY Bosh came off to me in that Press Conference.


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          Brandon wrote: View Post
          Go Heat!!
          You shut your mouth.



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            i hate bostrich


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              Bosh had a great game. Was really happy & fun to see that big performance in a big game. I hope he can continue with this type of performance in the Finals.

              Go Heat!

              ***starts ducking as the bottles are thrown his way***


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                Good for Celtics for bringing it and pushing Miami to the brink.

                I'm surprised I'm saying this considering how badly I wanted the Mavs to beat the Heat last year... But lets go Miami.