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NFL Fantasy Dynasty League (S8)

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    QB - D. Prescott
    RB - E. Elliott
    RB - D. Henry
    RB - M. Sanders
    RB - C. Carson
    WR - M. Thomas
    WR - DJ Chark
    WR - T. McLaurin
    WR - M. Gallup
    WR - J. Edelman
    TE - G. Kittle
    K - H. Butker
    DB - J. Adams
    LB - J. Smith
    LB - Z. Cunningham
    LB - J. Schobert

    My returning 2019 championship squad is poised to win me a 2020 back-to-back championship title crown.

    All hail KING BALLSWIN
    RR OG


    • James Ballswin (Realizar) wrote: View Post
      Top-to-bottom, pound-for-pound and position-by-position, I've constructed the best team in the league.

      My starters are superstar elite in their professional prime having all just reached the apex of their talent still ascending the highest pinnacle of their skill potential peak.

      My core of benchriders are the league's best young top-talent at their position; word is born my team's vastly superior oh so much better than yours.

      You chumps were too distracted and preoccupied by the NBA Dynasty rookie draft drama making y'all a bunch of sorryass sideshit scouts.

      I drafted the greatest group for rookie RB you'll remember forever; than found and forcefully acquired without any FAAB resistance all the best young free agents right in front of your old baggy eyes right from under your crooked roman noses.

      Mark my words:

      My team is gonna stomp on each of yours week-after-week and I'm going to win the league championship title to finish this season. Now read my lips gimme a drink you weak timeout-waterbtches, I'm warning you by telling you my team's already the greatest there's ever been up to now and for the next ten seasons.

      Ballswin is built steel-solid and ready to rocksteady. BOH!
      Summertime Fact #1 - As we lay my 2019 championship thread to bed, the Dynasty King need only quote himself to save from repeating himself.

      Summertime Fact #2 - My dynasty reign will be so dominant that none of y'all are worthy to change the toilet paper roll in my royal bathroom stall.

      Summertime Fact #3 - I talk a ton of shit because I need to give you broken bottom-feeders something to spread on your stale toasted bread.
      RR OG