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RR NBA Points League aka. FPL (Fantasy Points League)

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  • Hey Mack, Josh Jackson.

    Watch as the Creeds pull away to close out this exhibition season.


    • Apollo wrote: View Post
      Hey Mack, Josh Jackson.

      Watch as the Creeds pull away to close out this exhibition season.
      We're fighting for seventh place! We all get the same colour ribbon down here, man.
      The Double Champ is here!
      Dynasty King: RRNBADLS7
      Raptors: Larry O'Brien


      • Congrats to the two most deserving managers in the finals this week and sorry to jbml for the ongoing smack down in the consolation finals.

        With that out of the way, we're working our way through the final week of the season and so I must ask some questions here:
        • What do you like about this setup?
        • What don't you like about this setup?
        • Is this something you want to participate in this fall?

        Also, I've thought about it a lot and listened to different opinions in here and I think this should be a re-draft league for now. We can always turn it into some other league later but for now re-draft make sense while we continue to tweak this thing to perfection. If we change it later it will be due to large demand for a change.

        Finally, I want the draft to be blazing fast and so any setting that can be used to accelerate the draft will be fully utilized to the max. I want people's head spinning and complaining to me, it's so fast.


        • i like the scoring, it feels game like.
          nothing i really didn't like. my all bigs lost, so that theory went out the window
          i will participate

          i would like a couple keepers, if the roster is 10 players per team, 80% redraft allows for some planning, and quickens future drafts by 30seconds*20
          if we can get 16-20 teams with 10 players per team i think this league will be unique and fun.


          • Thanks for the input and I'm glad you enjoy the scoring system. What you said is exactly what my goal was.

            We only have ten teams today. Why don't we run through a full season and then if there's a strong demand for keepers we can kick that off in the draft heading into season two.