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    • The top twenty:
      1. Davis - C
      2. Harden - G
      3. Giannis - F
      4. Westbrook - G
      5. Embiid - C
      6. James - F
      7. George - F
      8. Durant - F
      9. Jokic - C
      10. Towns - C
      11. Leonard - F
      12. Drummond - C
      13. Vucevic - C
      14. Curry - G
      15. Beal - G
      16. Irving - G
      17. Holiday - G
      18. Lillard - G
      19. Griffin - F
      20. Simmons - G

      Six centers in the top 20. Nine cat has six in the top 20.
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      • Tight race for that final playoff spot between Koncept, Coach and Trex. Unless both Koncept and Coach lose, Trex is out because he can't win the tiebreaker. If Koncept and Coach win, Coach needs to outscore Koncept 8 points to win the tie breaker. That's possibly but right now it's not trending that way.


        • Some takeaways from the first season:
          1. Fix the playoffs to include at least eight teams (my bad, something happened with the settings, it was supposed to be eight)
          2. Some people want me to rejig the scoring to favor guards more.
          3. Anything else?
          And maybe I'm getting ahead of myself here. Do we want to continue on to Season 2? Was this just an experiment or are we on to something here? I think the excitement level would be much higher now with a large playoff bracket in place.


          • I am pretty honoured to be winning a ring in a league that is 20 teams deep.

            Thank you gentlemen. It was fun!


            • Congrats! It was an accomplishment just to make the playoffs, let alone take it all. Bravo!

              Do we want to continue this, that's the next question. I will expand the playoffs to the max if we do. (that's probably 12 teams with the top team teams drawing a bye in round one).

              Like I asked before, if we do continue, what needs to be improved?


              • It was fun, I was surprised to get third considering the level of bball knowledge with this crew. I would like to see the change in scoring to make bigs less important. I would also like to see the waiver claim shortened. It would be nice to get the player the same day you find out your existing player is injured. It would also be nice to have a bench for load management players.