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EA Sports & NCAA Ordered To Pay Former NCAA Players $60M

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  • EA Sports & NCAA Ordered To Pay Former NCAA Players $60M

    Wow, justice served? I think we'll see NCAA games again now. I think the Dev for Joe Montana football should step in and seize the opportunity.

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    $60M seems low but definitely a landmark ruling. NCAA now needs to be on alert with regards to things like jersey sales, etc.

    College games were always less successful so I imagine EA and the sorts just stay away. Sucks for gamers but great for the athletes that made the NCAA so much money for free.
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      I've never agreed with the whole amateurism fact... If they truly want to keep the thing for the love of the sport, then the NCAA should stop selling tv rights for billions of dollars and making other billions on top of it.

      Their other argument is that they couldn't afford to pay all the student athletes, cause there are too many of them (I.e. Water polo doesn't make the NCAA lots of money, but they'd still have to pay the athletes.)

      My solution: give the players the right to profit off their images! If a booster wants to give a kid a sandwich (or $20,000, in a more likely example) just cause he plays for his alma mater, fuckin let him! Let them work during summers doing ads and etc... Cause sure, the NCAA can't afford to pay all athletes, but banning the athletes from even seeking out their own ways to make profit is slave owner mentality.

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