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    Can't believe I missed it...


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      Mack North wrote: View Post
      Can't believe I missed it...
      What the heck were you doing?! Geez Mack. You had one job to do.


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        Greatest Athlete of All Time. The GAAT
        9 time first team all-RR, First Ballot Hall of Forum


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          I've always wanted to play golf. It always seemed like fun for rich men, but I'm not. But someday I'll definitely try.


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            Been trying to play at least once, if not twice a week, since the beginning of COVID. Before that was just a handful of times a year at best going back to early 2000's.

            New clubs for this year:

            Driver - Callaway Rogue ST Max - Love this beast!

            Irons - PING G425 4i-PW - very solid set of irons, didn't take long to get used to them. Love having a 4i in the bag again, hitting it 210 on average. Feels more controllable than a hybrid or wood.

            Putter - Odyssey TRI-HOT 5K double wide - still getting used to the blade style putter, but the feel is amazing.

            Just added the Arccos sensors to my grips as well. Only 2 rounds in, but it's pretty damn accurate and awesome.. Much easier than pulling out the phone for after each hole and plugging shots in on The Grint, but I do that still anyhow just to be safe and keep the handicap going with my buddies.

            Started last season with a 24 or 25 hdcp, have it down to 16.7 right now.

            What does everyone else play??