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NFL Draft 2010 - UPDATE: Big Ben may be traded tonight?

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    P.S. loved how dez fell to you guys didnt want him in the afc west good thing broncos passed for both of us ahahaha if he excels ROY is gone mid way throu this season but most likely next offseason too bad you guys overpayed for him oh well whts done is done
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      Mack North wrote: View Post
      I dunno about Jason Campbell man, he's only average at best. Cowboys did well in the draft I think, but I'd say the overall winner this weekend was Seattle. Okung, Earl Thomas and Golden Tate were their first three picks, plus LenDale and Leon Washington in trades!! My buddy is a huge Raiders fan so I'm rooting for you guys too! Bruce Campbell in the 4th seems like a steal to me!
      Campbell is an upgrade to what they have and they didn't overpay. I think it was a good trade.

      I'm happy with what the Packers did. They filled holes and didn't shake anything up on one of the youngest rosters in the league. The Packers have a team now that if they just keep it together and let the player grow up together they're going to have a dominate team in the NFC.