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Canadian Longhorns?

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  • Canadian Longhorns?

    OK, this isn't really Raptors-related, but I think it belongs here anyway.

    According to the ESPNU 100, not one, not two, but three Ontario high school kids have committed to the Texas Longhorns:

    Tristan Thompson (PF, 10th overall, class of 2010)
    Cory Joseph (PG, 16th overall, class of 2010)
    Myck Kabongo (PG, 7th overall, class of 2011)

    All three of them have NBA potential, and Kabongo is even projected to be the top PG in the 2012 NBA Draft. Needless to say, the future is looking bright for Canadian basketball, and I think I found myself a new favorite college basketball team.

    Go Longhorns!

    Link here
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    If true this is awesome... will definitely have to start following the team!
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      Hoppin' on the Longhorns Wagon lol


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        ya, i was on the cuse wagon this year cause of rautins and those other guys.
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          That's excellent.

          I moved this to it's right location too by the way.


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            I remember reading a piece on these guys maybe a couple months ago, they've all got some serious talent.

            The Swirsk would have a field day with a name like Myck Kabongo! I can hear it now!
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              Kabongo I think is second for his PG class and 4th prospect overall, at the moment. The two main Canadian teams if you will are Gonzaga with Sacre and some others and now Texas. Cory and Thompson played with Bradley at the same prep college.

              If you want to find out more about the huge amount of Canadians coming up the system check out this website
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