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The Toronto Blue Jays/MLB Thread.

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  • Well we will get baseball this summer.

    If the season which is set to kick off in July gets up and going and teams are playing out of their own facilities after the virus revved up a bit in Arizona and Florida reports are that Vlad and Bo and Cavan and hopefully Nate Pearsonit would likely not be playing home games in Toronto. Buffalo got mentioned as a potential site or maybe they play in Dunedin with incredibly strict protocols for the players.

    Just don't think things settle down on cross border air travel till the fall.


    • Here we go....


      • Demographic Shift wrote: View Post
        Here we go....

        LOL. Brutal.


        • slaw wrote: View Post

          LOL. Brutal.
          Yes sir.

          Even with Baltimore in there for 10 games the kids are going to find out what it takes to win in the majors.
          • The Yankees are loaded.
          • The Red Sox are out of pitching and let Betts go so they won't be as good as last year but they are still a good club.
          • The Rays are going to be good. Again. With guys we never heard of. But Tampa is like a college program. Every year the seniors leave but they seem to find another couple of gems. Scouting must be top drawer.
          • The Phillies are supposed to push the Nats and ...
          • Baseball gods must not like us as get the Series Champs Nationals as well as NL East champs the Braves.

          Lets see what the kids got because they will need all of it.
          Young team on the rise.