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The Toronto Blue Jays/MLB Thread.

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  • Well we will get baseball this summer.

    If the season which is set to kick off in July gets up and going and teams are playing out of their own facilities after the virus revved up a bit in Arizona and Florida reports are that Vlad and Bo and Cavan and hopefully Nate Pearsonit would likely not be playing home games in Toronto. Buffalo got mentioned as a potential site or maybe they play in Dunedin with incredibly strict protocols for the players.

    Just don't think things settle down on cross border air travel till the fall.


    • Here we go....


      • Demographic Shift wrote: View Post
        Here we go....

        LOL. Brutal.


        • slaw wrote: View Post

          LOL. Brutal.
          Yes sir.

          Even with Baltimore in there for 10 games the kids are going to find out what it takes to win in the majors.
          • The Yankees are loaded.
          • The Red Sox are out of pitching and let Betts go so they won't be as good as last year but they are still a good club.
          • The Rays are going to be good. Again. With guys we never heard of. But Tampa is like a college program. Every year the seniors leave but they seem to find another couple of gems. Scouting must be top drawer.
          • The Phillies are supposed to push the Nats and ...
          • Baseball gods must not like us as get the Series Champs Nationals as well as NL East champs the Braves.

          Lets see what the kids got because they will need all of it.
          Young team on the rise.


          • Bichette is a future MVP. Dude is absolute stud.


            • Joey wrote: View Post
              Bichette is a future MVP. Dude is absolute stud.
              Well to quote Dickens "It was the best of times and the worst of times"

              Going to sit out the obligatory self punishment sessions after the Raps drop game 1 of a 7 game series.
              I hope that everyone who wasn't cut or traded didn't get fired.

              Now how about those Toronto Blue Jays !!!
              I did not see this coming.
              They are competitive. Looks like they are going to get into the expanded post season and why the hell not !!.

              That Bichette kid is gold. A real live Dustin Pedroia type player. He can play the field at MLB average and can he hit a shit ton. And ... we got his clone in the draft this year in Auston Martin.

              Finalllllly after some panic Vladdy Jr. is starting to hit. He has stung the ball for a couple weeks now. If he is finding his groove.. Yeah Baby !
              They fixed the starting rotation with Walker. They have a legit 1-2 and Pearson is their 3 or 4 this year when hes ready again. After that its by committtee. and the Jay should find 1 good start out of the pool of guys they have...

              1/2 game behind the Yankees for 3rd and tonight the Yankees get to play Tampa... we can only win when 1 of them loses.
              We get Baltimore again tonight. We do to the Orioles what Tampa does to us. Seem to win every game. Then a run of 7 games in 6 days with the sagging Marlins and the .. gasp... last place RedSox. Who still have no pitching. They seem to know it. But just don't care and are mailing it in. Boston is already looking to next year.

              If they can go 5 of 7 they are going to be right in it for 2nd place and depending on how things roll a punchers chance for 1st.

              Excited for these guys. They deserve it. They are entertaining.
              But I still hate the robot approach of the Shatbot.
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              • 3 game cushion on the Yanks! We could actually do this!


                • Well done Jays!

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                  • So huge for these young guys. Love this new playoff format .. would love to see MLB keep it.