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    I don't see any current MW contender as being a problem for him. A prime Chris Weidman would have given him some problems cause he'd be able to get inside no matter what but Weidman is washed and there isn't anyone else like that right now at 185. The only guy who has really had his number is Alex Pereira and he doesn't do MMA, as far as I know, and that was also 5 years ago(?). Whittaker would certainly fight him differently a second time around but he just isn't skilled enough.

    Also, shout out to Mean Hakeem Dawodu! Guy trains at the same gym as my friend's son and he is apparently a really good guy as well as a beast in the ring. Wasn't the best first round ever but that win makes him a person of interest now at 145 and he should get a step up next time out.
    Ya its crazy he has pretty much already cleaned out the top of the division and has only been the champ a year.
    Canniorer could be a good fight but Izzy wins, Whittaker should get a rematch at some point and then maybe till if he can piece some wins together.
    Funny thing is gastelum gave him the best fight but hasnt been able to piece together a winning streak. Maybe by the time Izzy defends 2-3 more times Kelvin can get back on track id love to see that one run back.

    Hakeem was awesome i loved that fight never heard of him before saturday. Loved when he stood in the middle and yelled stop running and ref got mad at him for swearing lol. Berta represent!!
    To be the champs you got to beat the champs